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ART-Mesh Convertion Tools

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Posted 13 June 2004 - 01:46 AM


I've gathered together some tools (3DS mesh and animation exporter, mesh viewer and mesh xml converter - converts xml files from 3ds exporter to Orge's .mesh binary format) that can be used by someone willing to convert models to Xenocide format (actually Ogre format, but that's engine we're using, right? :) ).

Within the viewer you can see how models are rendered by Ogre (so that's how they will look in-game). It's little buggy but I'll try keep it updated as often as I can. Viewer has also material editor that can be used to see changes on-the-fly (edit script and apply it to mesh).

Tools can be found here.

Simple instructions about using this tools can be found in .txt files.


PS. I'll post info about updates to this topic.
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