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Posted 20 January 2005 - 05:34 PM

I like to write.. i don't think if i'm any good at it, i just write for the kicks of it. Anyhow, here's a UFO Enemy Unknown story (or actually the start of it, prologue)

If i get any positive feedback from it, i will continue it and make it go on and on and on and on and...

If you dislike this story, we'll just call it off and i'll delete this topic, no harm done to anyone.

So here we go.

(Please keep in mind that English isn't my primary, actually not even my secondary language so there will be some mispelled words. Do not be to hard on me with grammas errors.)


"What was that voice?!", thought the ruggedly looking man as he woke up in a cold sweat. He briefly looked around and made a deep sigh voice from his mouth. "No", he thought. As he sat back down to the floor of the Skyranger aifcraft he realized the nightmare is still up ahead. He shutted his eyes again and remembered the last time he woke up to the metallic *boink* voice.

It was back in August when the X-com ground forces were assinged to assault the small ufo scout, which had been almost destroyed by the Interceptor. He and his fellow X-com agents used to have fun fooling around going on missions. If someone felt asleep on a short trip, it was a common habit to wake him up with a hit to the helmet from a empy rifle. He remembered one time when Calvin Weiss from the rocket unit hit him in the head with a rocket launcher. That was a major *boink* sound.

Calvin was rather crazy trooper, armed with a positive mind. He always saw the things from the bright side and he was always up to something questionable, but amusing. A true trooper to the heart who made everyone in the room smile and laugh. One of Calvin's most legendary stunts was the time when he insisted to transform an avalache launcher into a trooper weapon. All but one of the head researchers thought it would be too risky and instable on the field, except for one crazy russian exposives developer. Well, Commander Colt did not want to make one, of course. Calvin agreed.

However, the next month, both Calvin and the explosives developer Pavel Antipov were busted at scene. They actually made one! They hadn't got it ready yet though. The avalanche launcher was destroyed and Calvin got off only with an official warning from Commander Colt.

As the trooper remembered Calvin's look on his face and the pure laughter, he felt warm. Then he smiled..
But as quickly as the smile came, it faded away. Too many bad things has happened lately.

As for Rocketeer Calvin Weiss, he will not be on this mission. In fact, he will never been seen on mission no more. It happened on last mission in the UK, Liverpool. A reaper came and took off Calvin's leg and a part of his head. It was an ugly sight. Nothing could be done. They gave some pain killers to Calvin and took him back to the base eventually, but the doctors said he will never be the same. Losing a leg is a career ender for a trooper. Having a severe brain damage and only one eye left, makes your civil life tough too.

But, Calvin knew the risks. Every one of them could die any second out there on the battlefield. They say the worst way to die is by mind controlled. Those hideous aliens, they come inside your mind. They say you see everything what's going on, but you cannot control yourself. There are few who have survived after being mind attacked. Those who have, were never the same. Slow, clumsy and out of this world. All of them have been released from duty, for good.

Calvin was a goner. He had to except that fact. Now that Calvin is gone, there are only 3 out of 14 originals left on this unit. The rest were replacements, green as heck, a bunch of rookies with no battle experience what so ever.Those who are still going on from day one are: Captain Satoshi Inamoto, a fearless leader who never let his poker face go down. An experienced trooper who also had some good battle tactics from time to time. Aliens could not have been fooled very easilly though, but somehow the Captain knew a way.

Lara Santos, a medic from Spain. Now this girl was something. She has a calm and
caring personality, but yet somehow when she shoots at an alien, rage from deep inside appears on her face. Propably the best medic on the planet but also she is a decent shooter. Back at base, she does not rest. She sits in the research facility and helps the others and tries to find new ways to help human kind.

Then there was Ice. Nobody acutally knew his real name (except for the ones with higher ranks), but some say his last name is Beck. Go figure, what's important is that Ice has a deadly aim. A sniper to the heart. A simple man,hardly never spoke until being asked. Ice has more confirmed kills than anyone else on the force. Going on at 35 kills, he has 35 little bullets tattooed on his arm.

And then there was the ruggedly trooper. His name was Jimmy, Jimmy Wright. He had a bad looking scar from his nose to the cheek, wich came on the first ever X-com mission at January 1999 in Ohio, Texas. Jimmy was ordered to check out a nearby barn. As he sneaked on the side of the barn, he looked in from a window. It wasn't such a good move after all. A purple figure was standing inside, just near the window, facing to Jimmy. Before he could react, a sound of plasma was heard and a piece of glass from the window carved a nasty scratch on Jimmy's face, nearly missing his eye. Jimmy recovered quickly and shot 4 times with his pistol. The alien was down for good. That was the first ever confirmed kill made by a X-com agent.

But those days are over. Now it's November and the squad is heading to a terror site in Helsinki, Finland. They had lost the tank in the recent mission also, so there was no tank supoort this time. Only Jimmy, Lara, Ice and the Captain and a handfull of rookies. Jimmy felt bad about this mission. Calvin wasn't around for heavy support, no tank support, Ice seemed nervous (he wasn't called Ice for nothing, the man had nerves of steele usually) and as said, the rookies were green as heck. Straight from the basic training to a terror mission. Not a good call..

"We will deploy in 10 minutes! Check your gear everybody. Take enough flares with you, it's dark out there and you don't want to be shot by something invisible now do ya? Tetranov, Ceciu, you go out right after Sergerant Wright. The rest of you, stay near the Skyranger and wait for my command. We have no confirmed information, but the Finnish army sources have told us it's something "snake-look-a-like" so it must be those damn snakemen, again. Remember your training and stay calm and you will come back alive!", Captain Inamoto was giving the newbies a last minute instructions.

Jimmy looked at Ice, who still seemed nervous. It wasn't like him, not at all.

"You ok Ice?", Jimmy asked
"No", Ice replied
Jimmy:"What's wrong then?"
Ice:"Man.. i have a bad feeling about this. No tank.. no rockets.. no Calvin"
Jimmy:"Yeah, i feel it too. How come Commander Colt even allowed us to go on a terror mission without a tank?"
Ice:"Tell me about it. I hope that new guy can handle his rockets at least half as well as Calvin"
Jimmy"Whatever happens, promise me one thing"
Jimmy"Cover my back"
Ice"Of course. I'll keep sure that nothing that has more than 2 legs won't get near you. I have your back secured from those damnd worms"
Jimmy"Thanks Ice"

Lara looked at them both an gave a confident smile and a thumb up

Jimmy felt a little better now. Ice seemed to calm to too, maybe they actually had a chance on this one

"BEGINNING THE LANDING, HOLD ON!", the pilot yelled.

It's starting now..

(Should i continue? What do you think?)

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Posted 20 January 2005 - 06:03 PM

Wrong forum :)

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Posted 20 January 2005 - 06:17 PM

yes, this should be in saved games and

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Posted 20 January 2005 - 06:52 PM

No, this should be in X-Com fiction, X-Com media.

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Posted 21 January 2005 - 07:07 AM

yes, this should be in saved games and



No, this should be in X-Com fiction, X-Com media.

Description of the X-Com Media, X-Com Fiction subforum:

Description: Talk about existing Xcom Fiction or create some of your own.

Writers shouldn't ask their audience if they should continue writing. Their own answer to that question should suffice :)

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Posted 21 January 2005 - 07:27 AM

Oops sorry, i never even noticed there's a section suitable for this. :blush1:
Thanks to you, mr moderator, for moving this topic.

But i'd really like some feedback about the story, i don't know if anyone is even intrested about reading these stories (Saga, for example).

Well i think i'll continue just for my own fun then

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Posted 21 January 2005 - 09:21 AM

Well i think i'll continue just for my own fun then


The whole point of writing ;)

Feedback is always late :rolleyes:

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Posted 23 January 2005 - 02:32 PM

I, at least, hope that there will be some part 2, and part 3,..., and part 15..... ^_^

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Posted 25 January 2005 - 09:41 PM

part2 - Helsinki massacre (1/2)

The mighty Skyranger landed on a rather open street, maybe a closed highway, on the eastern side of the city. Hatch opened, Jimmy threw a smokey outside and held his hand in the air as the 2 other members of his squad stood nervously behind him.Gerald Ceciu was from France and he had gotten from the basic training just hours before this mission. His build was big, maybe even 190cm (6"4) and he had the most powerfull weapon of their squad, heavy laser.Vasilj Tetranov was somewhat older than Ceciu, maybe around 30. Jimmy had been told that Tetranov is not the most accurate trooper, but he makes it up with excelent discipline and outstanding stamina. This was their first mission together. When Jimmy got promoted, he got his own small squad, squad Pepper. The other squads were Salt and Ginger, handy codenames, he thought. Thick smoke spreaded around the Skyranger quickly. Jimmy motioned his hand straight ahead and turned the radio on. "-Tetranov, take the right side. Ceciu, wait for further command. GO GO GO!" He jumped down from the hatch and took cover behind the large Skyranger landing gear. It was dark and silent, no aliens on sight. "Right side clear", Tetranov announced with a slight russian accent in the radio. Jimmy briefly looked at the surroundings again, still no sight of the sluggers so he reported the left side clear on the radio.

As the troops started to unload from the Skyranger, he spotted a gas station nearby with some movement inside.
"Captain, Pepper squad requesting to search that gas station up ahead", he asked
"Pepper squad, premission granted. Ice, give them some long range support but don't get too far away", Captain replied
"Yes Captain!", said Ice

Jimmy studyed the gas station across the street. It was about 100 meters away, just across the street. The gas tanks were up front and the store was behind. West of the gas station was a small park and on the east there were a huge warehouse.
He took an electro flare, a "flash", from the belt and threw it in front of the gas station. The yard lightened up like a candle.A snakeman appears from the darkness and looks at the electro flare.Jimmy pointed his laser pistol at the alien and took a shot. At the same time he heard a laser shot from behind him. Ceciu was using a tree as a support for his heavy laser and took a shot also. Their shots hit the snakeman almost simultaneously and it dropped dead to the ground.
"Nice shot, trooper", he said to Ceciu and thought that maybe this kid is something else.
"Thank you sir, still learning here", Ceciu replied.

Jimmy checked the area once again and sent Tetranov to the front yard of the gas station. Jimmy pointed his hand towards and Ceciu started crossing the road as he would cover the small park. Tetranov and Ceciu both were on the other side of the road, now it was Jimmy's turn. He stayd low and quickly ran to cover behind a pile of tires, right next to Tetranov. Ceciu was covering their backs just couple meters away from them. Suddenly they all heard a plasma weapon go off.


A huge explosion threw Jimmy to his back and Tetranov actually flew over him. He quickly got up and saw a dead chrysallid in front of him. Tetranov seemed to be ok, allthough his elbow was bleeding.

"What the heck was that!?, Jimmy inquired on the Pepper squad radio frequency"
"Everyone ok up there? A nasty chrysallid was coming at your way and it was too close so i had to take a shot. Apparently the shot went right through it's head and hit the gas tank as well", Ice replied.

Jimmy's heart was pounding and he felt the adrelanine in his vains. He hated chrysallids. A couple troopers from their unit had turned into mindless zombies once and killed afterwards. "That would be a horrible way to die", Jimmy thought.

"I had no other choice, I..", Ice was still explaining himself on the radio
"Thanks Iceman.. i owe you one, once again", Jimmy interupted.

He confirmed Tetranov's status, he was ok, just a twisted hand, maybe even broken but there were no need to go to the medic this time. The personal armor didin't give much cover, but it was better than a ordinary kevlar vest, especially against plasma fire. The reserchers had come up with even more powerful armors but the new armors never got ready. X-Com forces had lost 2 of their largest bases in just 2 weeks due of alien attacks. Jimmy was stationed at *X-com Eve* wich was the last X-com base in the world. Just after they had left on this terror mission, there were reports about two major battleships nearby. The researchers say that *Eve* was impossible to discover, but he didn't rely on that. If the aliens would destroy *Eve*, nothing more could be done. The earth resistance would be gone. This was Jimmy's number one concern, but right now he had to focus on the mission.

Jimmy heard a loud womans scream from the store in front of them. He assinged Ceciu to cover them as he and Tetranov advanced the store. Somehow he trusted Ceciu more of these two rookies. After all, Ceciu has a confirmed kill now and Tetranov cannot have so good accuracy with his busted hand. He saw movement inside from the window and pointed his gun at the it. The shade was not moving like a human. He made a split second conclusion and took 3 rapid shots at the figure. Window broke down and a snakeman screamed painfully. Jimmy assinged Ceciu to cover the right side of the building and Tetranov to the left side. He took a grenade from his shoulder and pulled the pin out. He noticed the others on Pepper squad radio: "I'm going to check out that store. Stay right where you are. Ice, the gas station yard is clear, you can go back to your squad now"

Jimmy opened the door slowly and looked inside. A dead woman at the counter and a dead alian corpse near the window. He took cautious steps towards the backroom. It was quiet in the backroom also. Then all of a sudden he felt a gun pipe on the back of his head. "What the...?"

(Will continue)

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