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Active Third Parties

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#1 Turbo Beholder

Turbo Beholder


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Posted 30 April 2007 - 12:44 AM

It was already pointed out (e.g. here or there) that X-Com operatives and Aliens are not only ones who can participate actively (i.e. do more than run away or die :)) in many missions.
I propose to subdivide such possible 3rd party actors to «members of organizations» and «individuals», since they are different cases.
► Organizations could include teams or separate members of local army, police or security, some local militia groups (either aimed to aliens or nonspecific), independent resistance groups... as well as people like "Cult of Sirius".
Individuals are just any people with any of the same motivations: farmer who grabs gun to protect his farm with 12 gauge slugs, police or army veteran, just any punk who decided that aliens are intolerable and it's good time to test some incendiary grenades, criminal elements (they too have life and property to defend, and ready for this more than average citizen), avenger/fanatic, or some kind of "space mind contacteer" who can either actively get underfoot or really fight...
Note that police officer makes the same "typical template" whether in team or alone. Team just can have "squad items": transport and additional weapons (and better armor if its reinforcement).
► Attitude of organization members is defined mostly by relations between X-Com and given organization, though X-Com overall reputation matters too. They affects organization's relation when harmed/saved. (State relation for army or police.)
Individuals have random attitude influenced mostly by X-Com overall reputation and affects state relation.
► Individuals usually behave independently, while organization members will team up if possible.
► Friendly armed forces may either coordinate efforts with X-Com operatives or act on own account. In terror mission local police or SWAT must not wait for X-Com, they'll just take up arms and board their transport, but crash site or "alien spotted somewhere there" is different situation: even if arrived soon, they'll likely to encircle and guard very far perimeter, leaving attack to X-Com (this still can give some long-range firepower, maybe even partially controlled).
► Individual with friendly attitude who was not discouraged (or maimed) in mission can volunteer - i.e. may be added to potential random recruits pool after action. Especially if managed to harm or kill alien. Of course, this rarely applied to organization members (though alien-hunters would see this as a prize and apply always).

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#2 Sorrow



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Posted 30 April 2007 - 05:57 AM

I like this idea.

#3 NRN_R_Sumo1



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Posted 30 April 2007 - 02:49 PM

This, is one of your better ideas Turbo. :D
I for one would like to see some cops show up and help you, Kinda like Ai fighters on your team.
Everytime you see the cops show up, it makes you happy! because Now you can help. Although it would possibly cause some rough relations if you accidently killed a cop with a rocket launcher, however if you killed the lone farmer, nobody would notice <3.

I think there should be more of a penalty not just for friendly fire Deaths, but a small ammount for serious injuries and such.

If I throw a grenade and blow my friends leg off even though he survived.. I should PROBABLY get my pay docked xD!
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#4 Darkside



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Posted 12 June 2007 - 08:03 AM

Would be neat if groups such as an army squad or police squad had a shared morale much like X-Com's team, so if the police squad for instance is suffering big losses the rest of them might just suddenly turn and flee while you hear voice overs "lets get the heck out of here!". would add some pretty nice immersion into the game ;)

#5 zarx



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Posted 14 August 2008 - 03:04 PM

great idea I always wondered why there weren't angry shotgun welding farmers in the original.

#6 randomagain



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Posted 04 September 2008 - 03:47 AM

Wasn't this suggested ages ago?

Yup like the idea. (however doesn't human weapons not work too well against aliens)

Be interesting to see a mission on a military bases where ethereals have taken over!