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Ufo Defense Story

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Posted 17 November 2004 - 07:15 AM

I'm working on a story that has become far too long to be considered a short story, but it's also far too short to be a novel. In Word it's 45 pages at present, but I've got a couple funky fonts (it's designed to be printed). I don't have a copy at the terminal I'm using now, but I'll bring it in on a disk or something. I'm not done yet, though. It's in the final stages; X-COM is building the Avenger and I'll probably put in maybe two more battles, probably a base offense then a base defense.

Note: if you have a problem with language, I wouldn't recommend this...novella, I guess is the word. I use 'the s-word' many times and drop the 'f-bomb' a couple, but not often. And there is some suggestive content :naughty: , particularly since a dear friend of mine is trying really hard to get me to add a scene. *nudge nudge*