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The Tools You Have

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Posted 17 July 2005 - 11:37 AM

It seems I tend to get these thoughts while I'm selling stuff, but perhaps that's because it must help me imagine how selling things you make could further influence the interactions you have on the battlescape (let alone who the heck is buying them). Interaction in the battlescape either by way of dealing with an object in some way or non-player character.

It struck me that the most versatile of tools that would be great for this is the medkit. The thought that sort of spurred that was "When civilians fall in terror sites, do they always have to die right away?" The medkit is the perfect tool to make you waste some time and take risks to find out :) And it might save a life.

It also occured to me that it could work both ways. As you make and sell more tools on the marketplace, or trade for something else, it stands to reason non-player characters can become the occasional help to you when you encounter them. I know this isn't necessarily a new idea, but I didn't spot anything in particular with regard to helping downed civilians using your precious medkits you'd brought for the purpose of your own squads. Based on the old game, I guess the assumption is always that "if civ X is struck down by whatever = instant death". Just positing that it doesn't have to be that way, and if your concerned with point loss on a mission, I think it only fair we investigate 'em to be sure.

They're also of great use in other kinds of maps where you could think of employing it to revive and rescue folks you wouldn't have otherwise thought would be present, such as on UFOs or bases or even the odd barn house. Maybe saving them gains you some knowledge you couldn't get any other way, and yet, maybe reviving them wouldn't be wise (Chryzzy host :))

My favorite tools so far for helping interactions, both you and/or for civs (including military):

Repair kit
Motion Scanner (the idea with this is that civs would move a bit more logically away from harm if carrying one and didn't have a weapon).
HWPs (specifically the tools they could mount - lights, winches, storage for other tools/small arms, tear gas & smoke screens etc.)
Plasma torches - for cutting open things made with alien alloys - doors, walls & ceilings.
Grappling Hooks - for climbing using units who can't fly. Beneficial for non-player armies/swat teams.
And any armors I can't think of that might have tools incorporated in the design.

A lot of these things could probably already be fitted to a HWP chasis, but are also useful as individual carried items and many of them can be of reciprocal importance to you - beneficial because you'd sold a bunch translating to getting help from someone you wouldn't expect to had you not done so.

Also the way I'd been imagining Repair Kit usage - not unlike Medkit usage, its equal in terms of hardware repair, salvage, or hacking computer terminals.