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Juggernaut Armors?

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#1 MaaZeus



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Posted 30 June 2006 - 04:45 AM

I was wondering if this game has Juggernaut armors. I just got the idea when i was watching 3dmark.

You know, making a new "Power Armor" thats worth of its name. Makes your character slow, but doubles all stats and huge defensive properties. Allows to carry more too without too much encumbering and can wield some huge weapons like Minigun and full-auto minirocket launcher (BIIIG stock of minirockets, or bullets if wearing minigun) and so on.

Now why would one use an armor like this when we already have HWP? Superior reflexes of normal soldiers compared to HWP! As we know HWP's are dumb and slow. Trade-off to HWP's is movement rate, offcourse. HWP's can move very long distances where Juggernaut armored soldiers move slower than regular soldiers.

IIRC didnt Ufo Aftermath also have something like this in it? Didnt play it much though. Didnt like that game at all...

#2 NKF



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Posted 03 July 2006 - 01:30 AM

Aftermath's power armour did just that. Your soldiers ended up walking around like tortoises, and were indeed walking, but tough, targets. They also enabled you to carry some massive firepower around with them in the form of deployable machine guns, rail guns and plasma cannons, and a few other powerful weapons that do not need to be deployed, but are much more limited than the depoyable weapons.

If you play Aftermath long enough, about half or maybe more of your soldiers are going to be wearing heavy armour. Or at least, I had about 4 -5. It's a must for the crazy enemy weapon progression, particularly on alien base attacks with the reticulans armed with insanely high firepower that always appear just behind your start location.

Anyway, I take it you want a bigger suit of armour. Not a humanoid robot suit, exactly. Just a really big chunky looking suit that makes your soldier stand out in a crowd. I'd be all for it. I like anything armour-clad. ;)

But for v1.0, they're going for the X-Com UFO armour progression of light armour, heavy armour and slightly heavier armour + flight. It's not how I would have gone about it (I'd make flight come in the form of an add-on), but the game can always be expanded once it's done, and it's good to have simple goals before bigger goals can be achieved.


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#3 MaaZeus



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Posted 03 July 2006 - 01:18 PM

Yeah, things like this can be added later after core game is finished. You know, as addons for variety.

Juggernaut Armor for humans and something nice for aliens, for the sake of balance, meaning aliens may still keep their upper-hand status.

...full-auto miniblasterbomb launcher...? :Hyper:

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#4 sir_schwick



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Posted 03 July 2006 - 02:50 PM

Maybe this is what Power Armour should have done as a function, rather than be the upgrade to Personal Armor. No reason they just couldn't make a really thick AA personal armor that protects as well as this elerium hogging monster. Let the power be for lifting and shooting squad support weapons on the move.

#5 Snakeman



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Posted 03 July 2006 - 05:49 PM

Now that would be something cool for them to do, lift things and I don't just mean hefting better/heavy weapons either. I'd love it if objects in battleview can be moved or reoriented to form up cover positions where maybe none were before.

Trees, rocks/boulders, cars, trucks, busses, UFO or X-COM transport hull chunks. Heck, even being able to make sandbags and moving 'em around sound cool. Granted, I think as well there would need to be separate tools involved to make some of these happen but it could work. It really all depends on how long and drawn out a particular player may wish to continue or prolong a fight.

Anyway, I figure you could also categorize what can move what, and what things may need extra muscle to do it. i.e.

1) Stuff one power suited individual can move
2) Stuff two could move
2) Stuff that would take a HWP only to move (with the right attachements/chasis combo)