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Laser And Xcap Sfx Requirements

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 02:10 PM

I started writing out the requirements for laser weapons (I think all the weapons for a certain technology should be grouped together, to encourage a unified sound amongst them), and while thinking about how to implement the laser-based XCAP, I decided to write that one out too. As you can see below, I propose that most of the XCAPs sounds be shared between them, with seperate sound development for the weapons systems only.

I've posted them here in Wiki markup. It looks a little strange, but it will allow me to move them over with no modification once they're approved. They're in the same format as the other requirements here. If it makes them more readable, you should be able to paste them into the Wiki sandbox.


===Laser Weapons===

*Laser Cannon
*Laser Pistol
*Laser Rifle
*Heavy Laser
*XCAP AG, Laser
*Laser Defense Array


[http://www.xcomufo.c...topic=242026538 This thread] contains some discussion on the type of sound laser weapons might make.

It would be preferable to have some uniformity amongst the various laser-based weapons.

*'''Laser Cannon''' x1 (loopable)
''Base Defense:''
*'''Laser Defense Array''' x1 (loopable)

Neither of these weapons will be fired from the battscape. These entries simply represent any sound the weapons make while powered up, but idling. They will be played continuously.

*'''Laser Pistol''' x5
*'''Laser Rifle''' x5
*'''Heavy Laser''' x5
''Mobile Weapons Platform:''
*'''XCAP AG, Laser''' x5

Five variations of one sample type should be deveoped for each of these weapons, to be played when the gun is fired. Care should be taken to ensure that the variations are not so great that one weapon sounds like another. The developer of these sounds in particular may benefit from referring to the forum thread mentioned above.



*Standard Chassis
*Anti-Gravitational Chassis


Weapons sounds for the various XCAPs should be developed with their respective technologies.

Our audio engine, FMOD, is very well suited to this task. Whoever works on these should refer to the car engine example that comes with FMOD designer. We will probably include both a "speed" and "percent damaged" parameter to control volume/filter on the Active and Damaged loops.

*'''Idle''' x1 (loopable)
The idle sound will be continually played, until the XCAP is destroyed or the mission ends.

*'''Active''' x1 (loopable)
The sound of the XCAPs engine engaged and, in the case of the standard chassis, of the XCAP moving across terrain.

*'''Damaged''' x1 (loopable)
The sound of the XCAPs engine straining to work despite heavy damage.

*'''Destroyed''' x4
Explosion, the chassis hitting the ground.

*'''Taking Damage''' x4
When weapons fire hits the chassis.
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