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Idea For A New Xcom Installment

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#1 Kamikazee



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Posted 04 December 2003 - 03:33 PM

Hi, i was as board as heck and was just thinking about the plots of the x com games and i think its safe to say they are rather crappy at times. I mean thes aliens have technology so powerful and destructive yet they would rather dance on somebody's lawn and get shot by some hippie with a plasma rifle. Well i have an idea to round of all the 6 billion alien wars so far. XCOM: Uprising.

Basically i think we should give the aliens a break, you know while they build a mass army etc etc. Well in my plot the aliens launch missile thingys at earths off world colonies, these missiles release a cloud of parasitic (is that a word?) spores which secretly breed in the populations over a period of time, then these parasite thingys start spreading and infesting without anyone knowing and start mind controlling the population. they of course riot and kick the government's, megapols and marsec's b hinds. Not many people are left after suprise riots except XCOM (of course) and a few gangs, researchers, elurium mines etc. XCOM must wage war against their own kind in order to save mankind as they research sthe ever evolving spores that are mutating the population. and voila a kick arse new concept for a story, a more sinister blood curdling x com.


#2 Raven



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Posted 04 December 2003 - 07:09 PM

^_^ Sounds pretty good. Would we have new technology and weapon's? Plus, what will the affected humans have? handguns, rifles? or will the aliens supply them with plasma weapons? but yeah, i reckon this game could go fairly well.
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#3 SupSuper


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 04:27 AM

nice story.
btw, u're supposed to put your avatar AS an avatar, not a photo ;)

too bad, now you will never know the ancient secrets of supsupers long gone avatar ;)

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#4 Kamikazee



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Posted 05 December 2003 - 10:05 AM

Yes the parasites would constantly evolve creating various strains of the mutation to examine, research and find cures for, each mutation having different abillities and skills etc etc. the parasites being a web of sentient parasites, would have knowledge of the aliens planted within them, they can then produce weapons of alien origin for themselves.
I would think the best way of going about this is to have ten worlds all infected with the parasite thingys, the group of survivors (including you the commander) flee to a manufacturing base (hidden) and transform it into a military complex, they must fend of as many zombified guys as possible once almost all the planet has been mopped up re enforcment will arrive bringing the game to a new level.
A cool cutscene will follow, Rioting guys being blasted by a battle ship and then you have the chance to proceed to the next world via a transport. i have many more ideas and i will be putting them forward to the guys in charge.
one prob who are the guys in charge?