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CTD - Alien Medical Room

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Posted 22 October 2005 - 12:59 PM

This looks very good, but I got the feeling that the Biological Research Room appears to have greater technology than this one, whereas they should have the same or this one better, the main thing that gives me that feeling is

These areas contain specialized medical equipment, ranging from saw-toothed scalpels and self-cauterizing drills to deep tissue samplers and fetus-extracting tools

While Biological Research Room has laser scalpels and such, maybe make a brief mention of the high-tech tools? :)

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Posted 24 October 2005 - 05:08 AM

included some more detail about advanced surgical tools. what do you think?

(as I understand it, the laser cutting tools in the biological research room are not very fine tools... lasers cut by vaporising tissue, which always leaves traces. after all, the biological research room is the harvesting/processing thing.
the medical room uses "standard" cutting surgery, along with advanced wound suturing, to leave no trace of what was done.)

X-Net://Pegasus.net/Alien/UFO Components/Alien Medical Room

While thousands of people all over the world claimed to have been captured by Aliens, few were believed prior to the beginning of the Alien War. It becomes obvious now that some, if not all, of those reported abductions may have actually taken place, for our soldiers have made a horrible discovery: certain rooms discovered in UFOs appear to be designed to hold humans in order to conduct experiments on them.

These areas contain specialized medical equipment, ranging from simple but frightening saw-toothed scalpels and self-cauterizing drills to tools that have been identified to be deep tissue samplers and fetus-extracting tools. The uses of other equipment can only be imagined. All of this equipment is highly advanced, and most of it appears to be suited for microinvasive procedures, featuring automatic wound-sealing mechanisms that hardly leave a trace on the bodies subjected to this "surgery". A large trapezoidal table usually dominates one side of the room. This table has built-in temperature regulators and integrated multi-parametric monitoring of vital functions. In addition, it has the incredible capability to mold itself to the examined subject. Our own surgical operating rooms could be improved greatly by using them. Unfortunately, the Aliens' use of surgery does not appear to be beneficial to the subject.

Numerous transparent containment chambers are located in the room, used for storage of tissue and organ samples. Several vessels have been found to contain illuminated tanks as well, some containing human organs, some containing fetuses, possibly results of Alien experimentation on humans. It is a mystery how these chambers preserve the enclosed tissue, as no support or cooling mechanism can be identified.

This Alien facility’s use is frighteningly similar to the stories many victims had claimed. Apparently, surgical and genetic experimentation has been performed on our citizens - perhaps for decades. We suspect that implantation of bio-mechanical devices, tissue extraction and total organ removal are common occurrences within these walls. Even more frightening is that from what we can tell, hybrid fetuses, created from combining Alien tissue with reproductive material taken from other victims, are implanted in human women and, after growing for several months within the involuntary host-mother's womb, extracted for unknown purposes. We have even recovered one hybrid fetus from a poor soul found dead within a captured vessel. No living hybrid fetuses have been successfully retrieved.

Devices have been found that function as synaptic interrupters, causing loss of all voluntary motor function. Apparently they are placed on the subject's head for more delicate surgeries. It gives a lot of insight about the Aliens' attitude towards us, however, that these interrupters do not inhibit pain. It should also be noted that no evidence for any kind of narcotics or amnesia-inducing substances has been found, which suggests that the Aliens have some other way of wiping or altering the victims' memories.

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Posted 24 October 2005 - 11:01 AM

Very good, i like it, look alright to me
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Posted 24 October 2005 - 11:16 AM

Very good, completed :)