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Xcomutil Speeding Up Tftd Geoscape?

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Posted 18 March 2008 - 02:27 PM

Okay, having finally managed to get the CE windows version of X-com Enemy Unknown to play nicely with the util and a few other tweaks I wanted, I'm finding it hard to get satisfactory results for Tftd.

Firstly so far as I can tell the Util doesn't work at all with the fix.exe provided on the CD. When ever I try to run the setup using this exe renamed to match the original, the Util setup asks me the first question then just closes. Whatever my answer then will run won't run again, or will but just errors out until I delete the .xcf file then its back to square one. This happens with any edited TftD exe I use bar the one from the original install. However its my understanding that the option to enable flodders loader at the beging of the util setup fixes the garbled video anyway so thats moot. However when I try to use util with the default bog standard exe that comes with the CE edition of TfTD when I run the game via my runXcomW.bat the geoscape in game goes at lighting speed. This isn't the case however when I play vanilla TFTD with the xcom2fix.exe or any other edited Tftd.exe (i.e. the et patch).
Can anyone shed some light on how I could remedy this?

My final question if this one every gets answered is, I'm reading a lot on the tech boards for Tftd about a research bug. The 2.1 patch supposidly fixes this but as far as I can tell its for the Dos version. Is there any fix for the CE version? and how would I apply it, and use util as well?

Thanks in advanced.