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The Non Gold Edition Of Ufo Enemy Unknown

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#1 Morken



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Posted 25 April 2008 - 04:19 AM

There are 2 versions of UFO enemy unknown.

1) The "Gold" or "CE" version which is the version at *snip*

2) An older version.

Where can I get the older version?

It was distinctly different. The alien AI was deadlier (they tended to lurk around corners more), you could open doors by pressing the spacebar rather than always being obliged to walk thru, the terror mission maps included a sort of "eifel tower" sometimes.

Does XCOMUTIL work with this older version?

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#2 Zombie



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Posted 25 April 2008 - 07:45 AM

The X-COM property license is still held so therefore it is illegal to download any of the games. Sites like this cannot allow links or even mentions of where the game can be obtained or face legal action.

That said, there is very little difference between the DOS version and the CE version. Pressing the spacebar does nothing to doors. (The Playstation version allows opening of doors by pressing the circle button behind it, and TFTD also has this ability by right clicking. Maybe that's what you are thinking of)? Granted, the European DOS release had map trouble which was fixed by a couple of patches, and it appears alien intelligence (not Artificial Intelligence) was increased to allow aliens to remember troop locations better. There were also sound issues. Haven't heard of the Eiffel Tower map you mention on a Terror Mission, but the alien base maps sometimes have a tower in the center of a large room.

XComUtil should work with any version you have though. ;)

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Posted 25 April 2008 - 02:05 PM

Sounds more like TFTD. Aliens in the game lurk more, but this is due to a bug in their AI which appears to stop them wandering around as much after so many turns. Having full TUs makes them incredibly deadly.

There aren't any maps with an Eiffel tower, however TFTD's Port terror missions do have an iron tower with a room that looks a bit like a square water tank.

TFTD is still being sold on Steam if I'm not mistaken for a few dollars.

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#4 Gimli



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Posted 25 April 2008 - 03:24 PM

Currently it's only available in North America. It should be resolved, but I don't know when. It seems it's happening for a bunch of games, I'm not sure if it's only for 2K Games or other publishers as well and I'm too lazy to check.

#5 Morken



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Posted 26 April 2008 - 09:52 AM

Firstly, it's abandonware or it wouldn't be downloadable at *SNIP*.

I must be muddled in my head as I played TFTD long ago too...
Im sure I recall those greys opening those UFO doors without stepping thru...

#6 Scrogdog



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Posted 10 March 2009 - 09:02 AM

Well, I see I'm only a year late. :)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I recently purchased an X-com 5-pack bundle for $15 off of direct2drive (just google it as I'm not sure the forum rules on external links). You'll find the games seperately for $5 each as well - all of these are in the PC/Classics section.

I'm playing EU for the first time in years and having a blast! It is the Dosbox version at 1.4.