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How Far Has Everyone Got?

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#1 Deimos



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Posted 19 January 2004 - 01:24 PM

So how far into the game are you guys.

So far I've found that its way too easy before the area 51 mission and gets to a reasonable level after it but then it jumps to hard as nails for the second secret alien research mission. That was so tough it bordered on unfair.

All my guys were at least level 11 and all were wearing the heavy armour and carrying rocket launchers and the gatling guns (cool amount of damage on them) and 4 of them were wiped out before I got inside. Once inside I only just managed to sneak one guy out and he was almost dead as well.

Now any reticulan missions I go on ends up with at least two deaths no matter what I do. The biggest pita is that my guys get fired on from either out of range (even though they're using similar weaponry or they get shot at and can't return fire becasue they can't see the target (even though they spotted it) and thats with the latest patches too.

My other gripe about it is that whoever has the longest range weaponry usually wins an engagement. Though the carcrabs are way cool. :) and I mean come on 7 soldiers? Whats the deal with that. Neithe a fire team nor a full squad. It'd have been better if there could have been 8. At least that way my fire teams wouldn't be one man short. :hammer:

Spoiler space

Has anyone got past the reticulan offer yet? I've just been given the offer and if you acccept its game over. Bit of a damp squib of an ending. I reloaded and refused and now I'm really getting my butt kicked.

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#2 Raven Squad

Raven Squad

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Posted 19 January 2004 - 10:26 PM

Finished the game already. Man did i hate the last fight. Only one guy of my elite team survived and he was almost dead as well.

About tacticts, i usually selected one fast guy and made him run around so aliens would concentrate their fire at him. My other squad uses hmgs and sniper rifles from a long distance. Usually my only casualty was my runner and if he was fast enough not even him. This is totally proven real life military tactictics :wink: .
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#3 fidel_


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Posted 20 January 2004 - 06:35 AM

Finished here too. That last fight was a toughie. I ran out of ammo for every weapon I brought with me, and I accidentally saved over my latest save so I coulnd't just load and take a different equip with me. I was using microslugs for each guy (which punched through almost every armor this far) plus few auxiliary weapons and two psi. Psi proved useless in the final fight, and the microslugs exhausted themselves before I got even half of them floating things down. I had to use every weapon I could find on the map and use some desperate hit and run tactics. All of my guys were elite, only two of them survived. I think Malcolm was one those two. :D
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#4 Cpl. Facehugger

Cpl. Facehugger

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Posted 20 January 2004 - 05:13 PM

Hey Deimos, the 'victory' cinematic for the reticulian offer is the same as the losing animation for the rest of the game! Just thought I'd tell you, and allude to what the aliens are planning for us...

Ahh yes, the moon mission. I remember that b!tch well. What I did was this;
7 guys. 4 equipped with heavy armor and miniguns/db machineguns. 3 guys with bioarmor, assorted shotguns, Mp7s, etc. (Note: One man was carrying a warp demolition device. With 7500 damage per single hit, it is the best against anything.)

The outside was quite simple (Although the 'Hey! I can breathe even there is no air!' bug from Xcom 1 is back)
Inside was a whole different story. I killed the all the alien inside the base (except for the final room.) Then, I charged the room and got slaughtered. (Out of 7 guys to go in, two came out. Both were almost dead.)

Those octopussies were annoying. They have like 90% resistance to just about everything (except warp and flame.)

My second time through, I went in with the warp demolition device on all of my men except fo a sniper and a minigunner. Those octopussies didn't stand a chance! With 7500 damage going towards them, they died really quick.

Did you know that there is a third ending? If you conquer every base on the earth you get a different ending. (Haven't got it myself, just noticed it snooping through the game files. )
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