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Interceptor Upgrades

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#1 DG_Slider



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Posted 28 August 2004 - 11:38 PM

What about implenmenting an upgrade screen for interceptors or adding a couple additional slots to the screen where you swap weapons. In X-Com Apoc, I think you could upgrade parts of your vehicles. That would be a nice feature in this game as well. For example, when you complete research of Alien Alloys, you could refit the Armor of the interceptor giving it more durablility in combat. After you get UFO Power Source researched, you could upgrade the engine, increasing the interceptors speed and reducing it's maintenance cost. These should be relatively easy to implement and would help in the early game without upsetting game balance in my opinion.

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#2 dipstick



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Posted 29 August 2004 - 08:04 AM

I think that there has already been about 6 threads about this :D
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Posted 30 August 2004 - 07:26 AM

And they're all indicating that we WANT to upgrade our interceptors... :D
Then again, this is not Space Empires IV... yet... :LOL:
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