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Posted 28 April 2008 - 04:19 AM

Finally another project I'm excited about..! I haven't done any programming in a long time. My last project was a personal one (a Tetris clone) that ended when my hard drive failed :( Before that I did some Quake modding (I know, old school) and extensive programming on a simple RPG themed game that grew explosively as my skills increased, but ultimately died as I reached the limitations of the language (QBasic ftl). A few nights ago I was thinking about my old favorite games and X-Com came to mind, and I thought it would be interesting if there was a real time version that used squad based tactics like Full Spectrum Warrior. I did a little digging and found Project Xenocide. Unfortunately I'm having some issues with my computer that have me on the verge of switching operation systems to Linux, which forbids me from contributing to that project. However, I don't think that will interfere with contributing to this.

I'm largely self taught, but I probably know the basics of many up to date concepts...without knowing what they're called. I believe QuakeC was object oriented? And used Classess? I had a lot of fun with that language. My experiences there also taught me the benefits of modular code. I converted all of my old QBasic code into modules after that. When I was working on my game in QBasic, I used a collection of tile-based maps and coded the editor directly into the engine. It was beautiful in its simplicity. Programming has always been a means of creative expression for me, and I've been longing to get involved in something I can be creative with. Here are some of my interests as they may relate to this project:

Single Player Mode: I have -tons- of ideas for a computerized AI, many of them based on squad member roles and coordinated actions. Soldiers with different loadouts having specific roles, chain of command, appropriate and strategic use of special items. I think it would be a good strategic element if you could disrupt the enemy plans by sniping the officer, or cutting off troop movements, for example. All of these should be taken into consideration when designing the rules a computerized opponent would follow. A competitive AI be brutal and efficient, as well as reactive and flexible.

Itemization: Laser designators for orbital bombardment, shaped charge door/wall busters (directional grenades), stealth suits, night vision, thermal vision, guided missiles (a specialty of mine), experimental weapons (lasers, plasma, lightning, microwave, EM), varying ammunition types, indirect fire (mobile artillery), I could go on and on.

Geoscape: Research and itemization go almost hand in hand. I had issues with the hiring standards of the original X-Com games having pretty low standards. You should be able to set minimum skill levels for different roles and send requisitions to your recruitment centers for how many troops you want for each role. They would find (or train) that amount and dispatch them as they become available (with higher requirements taking longer to find/train). One of my early QBasic programs was inspired by the interception minigame. I'd be happy to work on that as well.

Efficiency: I'd like to look over the code and see what's redundant or cumbersome, and see if it can be streamlined.

I'm going to take a look at the code now and see where I can get some results within the shortest period of time. I will definitely be in touch. Post a to do list here to give me an idea of the current state of things as you see them. I'm open to requests. :)


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