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xcom 2 worth buying?

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#1 Tokk



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Posted 21 January 2011 - 05:53 AM

I like xcom1 and play it sometimes, but i wonder, is xcom2 just more of the same, or are there new things in it?
I remember playing xcom2 years back and not liking it as much as the first, becaurse of the graphics and some boat missions that was really long. What do you think of those things?
Something i dont like in the xcom1 game is that psionic attacks are too powerfull, especially when you dont know how resiliant your troops are against such attacks, is this somehow fixed in xcom2?
Whats good about xcom2? is it worth the money buying it over steam?

#2 NKF



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Posted 21 January 2011 - 09:17 PM

You'll get a variety of mixed reactions to TFTD. Some will like it, while others will hate it. Some, like myself, like both games.

In my opinion: if you really enjoy UFO then you should get TFTD as well. Treat it as just another (albeit harder) chapter of the game if you're after a bit of a challenge.

On the surface TFTD looks simply like a reskin of UFO with an inverted Geoscape, melee weapons and the ability to open doors. However there are actually a lot of minor internal changes that aren't all visible to the player and keep TFTD from being a direct UFO clone.

TFTD does have some bugs in its research tree and also exposes some bugs that UFO managed to hide. But many of these can be worked around and shouldn't detract from the enjoyment of the game too much.

Psi attacks are still here - and a bit worse as all the main races except the Lobsterman have high ranking units that get psi abilities. On the other hand, you do get the M.C.-Lab(Psi lab equivalent) very early into the game, allowing you to set up a screening operation well before psi becomes a problem. The psi-amp equivalent also doesn't come until much later in the game.

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#3 Tokk



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Posted 22 January 2011 - 02:52 PM

Thanks for the info, thats helpfull.

#4 yarrow



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Posted 22 January 2011 - 03:18 PM

yes, it is worth of every single dollar

to addition of what NKF said, I can only add this

if you liked Xcom1 ( Ufo Enemy Unknown )
than Xcom2 ( Terror From The Deep )
is the CLOSEST thing to it in the world!!