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Ufo2000 Weapon Concept Guidelines

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 02:09 PM

Alright, time to clear this up...

Some weapon/item behaviour is NOT defined in items.lua or weapons.lua

Impossible/Uncoded For Previously Suggested Examples include;
Reduction/Temporary Improvement/Restoration of stats other than health (flashbang, stims) (the Medkit doesn't work, so no HP restore)
Weapon Paralysation (EMP, etc.)
Holograms (fake units for deceptions)
Walls/Barricades that are made ingame (sandbags, etc.)
Remote View Items (deployable cameras)
Complex Explosives (tripmines, C4/Semtex style linked explosives)
"Bouncing" beams (jump between multiple targets in random order)
Weapon mods (bipod, scope, lasersight) (these are already done in the weapon concepts thread to a limited degree)
Deployable Items/Weapons (that turn into turrets or walls or somesuch)
Status Effects (causing Panic or Berserk)

Sticky please, so people read this.

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