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X-com Battle School?

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#1 JoeJoe



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Posted 04 February 2006 - 12:40 PM

I originally wrote a bunch for this post, but here it is plain and simple.

A battle school for newer players. Something that is possible?

It would take a couple of experienced players some time to come up with a program or series of battles that would teach a few good lessons. Not just the ropes, but the more advanced stuf.

good idea, bad idea?

#2 Hobbes


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Posted 05 February 2006 - 01:25 AM

Have you checked this? Not the easiest read, but there's a lot of information there.

#3 JoeJoe



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Posted 05 February 2006 - 12:23 PM

Yes yes, it was very good at giving me information about the game and offered some great suggestions. The whole 3 parts of an army thing becomes more apparent every time I play.

But like you said in your reply to Tursiops, your goal was to present basic knowledge, and it does a very good job.

What any type of battle school would try to do is to have players perhaps master some skills.

I was thinking about the idea and came up with a few ideas.

-What if it was set up like tournement style with experienced players coaching 2 new players.

- Once a week a tournement game is played (new players vs new players)

-Once a week a practice session is held between the experienced players and the new ones.

As I see it, the close 1 on 1 training will help the new players learn the tactics, and the tournement games vs the other new players will helpe them fine tune those tactics and to see how well they work.

This is also a good way to judge the progress of the new players, and the skills they have learned.

just an idea remember, something that might be fun for new and experienced players alike. its not ment to be a burden.

#4 Kratos


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Posted 05 February 2006 - 02:52 PM

The only way I can see this happening if there is seperate server space for people to meet. Problems such as pros absence can be quite frustrating though. I see what you are trying to say, but it's also difficult to say who is a "experienced" player. Anybody claiming to know what they are talking about sometimes can confuse other players (especially if another new player is trying to mess with newbies' heads). This may result in bad attitudes toward the olbies. :(

Your question would now be "Then how would they learn the ropes?" The sadest answer to the new players would be "Read the flaming manual." But this answer can be resolved alternative ways to make players feel more comfortable at all times. Therefore, I propose the idea of "Target Practice" mode. However, this will require AI for maxium results. This AI would be customizable to four basic modes (with a possible addition of a special mode); Free, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Chaotic {special}.

Free would be AI walking around with whatever weapons you give them and they process by walking randomly around the map. However, their reactions will not be disabled, thus showing the player that they need to be cautious when walking. If the player chose not to mess with reaction shots, they can always unassign weapons next battle.

Easy difficulty is as what it sounds, simple AI. This AI would have a good probability of errors such as; throwing the grenade too close, shooting objects even though LOS (line of sight) isn't possible. Easy will act more on reactions than firing though, teaching "Watch your step".

Normal AI would be basic with lower chances of mistakes than easy AI. This mode will concentrate on mixes of tactics; reactions, scout/snipe, and smoke. Of course, the determination of scouting would be the quickest unit.
a) What if they are all 50 tus? Easy, ask a random unit of the bunch while setting a auto flag once picked. Once the scout finds the target, then the most accurate/near/in-sight unit will attempt to use the most idealistic way to fire. If no snipers are ready for LOS, then move towards the spotted enemy from the scout. What if they can't get in LOS? If enough tus are left over, snipers fire auto. What if they have no more tus? Then the scout has the choice of A ) Hide for cover; B ) Fire at will C ) get closer to target then fire.
b-) Smoke tactics on the other-hand, will be determined through "Hide however possible". If in open area, then create smoke without targeting allied units (implies cannons/rockets). The AI would of course measure the explosion radius when aiming.
c) Reactions are basically simple, have a few units behind some walls ready to fire auto.

Hard is just like normal, but provides very little errors.

Chaotic, what is chaotic? Chaotic is just a special mode when AI decides to do nothing but random moves and keeps changing those moves once completed. ie: throws a grenade at a building for no reason!

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#5 JoeJoe



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Posted 06 February 2006 - 10:23 AM

i like it. but the hard part is scripting it :(.

I think the best way to go about anything like this is to get a buddy and practice practice practice.

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