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Are all battlescape collateral damage only blamed on X-Com?

relations collateral

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 03:55 PM

I found an interesting post over at the Steam forum, which (on the third-to-last paragraph) states that any collateral damage done in the Battlescape is only blamed on X-COM, even if the Aliens caused it. Does anyone know if this is correct? The Ufopaedia wiki doesn't seem to mention it, so maybe it's a lesser known feature that I just don't know about?


Logically, it's both contradictory and makes sense in that while the Aliens are infesting their offices, it wasn't until X-Com stomped over there and provoked a firefight that the damage truly started. X-Com becomes the scapegoat for insurance money.


Seeing as how replies are scarce here now-a days, don't be afraid to chip in even if the thread has been idle for a month or two.

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 11:17 PM

That was my post. :D


The info on ufopaedia is a bit sparse, more because we haven't got a lot of contributors tending to the Apocalypse side of things.


This bit of information was first gleaned when I was running a lot of tests in years gone past. I think I was doing one with psionics or somesuch. Either way, it required a 'raid' on a non-hostile organization with no hostilities initiated. During this run, guards were noticed throwing equipment to each other. At one point a guard armed a proximity mine and it blew up and left a hole in the floor.


I left the mission without taking anything, but the score was slightly in the negative and I had the relations drop a level. So with the help of a mind bender I went off to try and test it out in various way. Sure enough everything gets blamed on X-Com - except for "self inflicated" guard deaths (getting them to jump off buildings and breaking the psionic link before they hit the ground).


From them on I've always been hesitant to use the rocket launchers during city missions.



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Posted 18 March 2015 - 04:38 AM



just recently came back to Apoc - bought the X-com pack from Steam. And the question is: does cityscape damage also get onto Xcom account and not the aliens or other organizations?


I am now in a Superhuman game Week 3 and since the very beginning, I have a big problem with relations to organizations - damage to buildings on cityscape after fights with UFOs are far bigger then I remember thm to be ( didnt play for a long time tough ).


Was wondering, if perhaps this is because I did not get any accuracy boosts on my hovercars and hoverbikes - but then again, there is a topic here that states accuracy boosts dont really work.


Any ideas?


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Posted 02 May 2015 - 04:35 AM

the relation changes in the cityscape are based on who owned the projectile. Stay shots are one of the major contributing factor to late game diplomacy being hilarious.

the repair bills however go to the people owning each structure, which is why you can effectively backrupt organizations by repeatedly smashing their buildings

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