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How Is This For Gminter.mid

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Posted 25 March 2006 - 10:05 AM

I was googling around and I found this artist / composer:


He has three tracks posted... I think the song
called Picture In the Sky would be good for the
Interceptor battle scene. The scene where the interceptor is
chasing the UFO, once the engagement begins, the music and tempo changes.
I think this song, "picture in the sky" would work well there.

I sent an email to the song's creator asking if
his music could be used in project xenocide.
He liked the project and gave permission to use his music.
His still owns the rights to the music for a commercial CD release...
I'm attaching our email exchange for proper attribution.
Its a jpg to reduce spamming...

For some reason I not able to attach the MP3.
My post space is listed at 10 MB, but the global space left is 3.4 MB.
so you have to get the MP3 from that web site.... :(


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