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Last Mission's Results

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Posted 21 March 2003 - 04:06 AM

Here's a part of the TFTD FAQ about the DOS version:

Terror From the Deep MS-DOS versions

---game crash, scrolled large font text, unknown battle results shown or old battlescape game loaded
This is a common bug that cannot be worked around. You need to save your game often and in alternating save spots. Quit the game and reload your last save game.

Well, I did quit and save and reload and all, but it still does the same damn thing: I go to a mission have 1-2-3 (maybe more turns) then - during the alien hidden movement phase - the tactical mission ends and I get old battle/last battle results. I've come down to using only 1 save game slot which is just before the terror mission appears. But still this saved game is corrupted, I go to terror and I get other results. It seemed to stop when I went on a sub mission.

Manually deleting the saved game's slots didn't work also. It seems the only saved game is already corrupt. I load it and save it in empty save slots but still nothing, same problem appears.

Anyone knows a way around it or has it happened to you too?

Happy alien hunting

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Posted 23 November 2003 - 07:45 AM

I have had this problem before with UFO.
IIRC, the missdat directory stores temporary files when you're playing the game, sorta like an early day swap space. The crash probably occurs because the swap space didn't delete the previous mission properly, so it thinks that it's done and returning to the Geoscape, or the previous game. When I deleted all the files in the folder, the crash stopped happening. You should set the missdat folder's properties (right-click on the folder, properties) and disable the "read-only" option. After I did that, I never had the problem again.

In short, delete the files in the missdat directory. Disable read-only for the directory as well.

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