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Interception Launch...

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Posted 28 July 2004 - 11:02 AM

I like the way Interceptions are launched in XCOM, but what Gripes me is the fact that we can't launch the godamn crafts if they're not 100% fueled and armed... :hammer:

Besides, launching a craft in the following second is, like, unrealistic, at best... they could at least wait 2-10 minutes to open up the hangar doors...
(That's assuming the pilot sleeps in the cockpit, and is needle-poked to wake up the instant a UFO blips on the radar...) :D

Real life aircrafts CAN be launched with half fuel and less, if needs be, and they have this little thingie called IN-FLIGHT REFUELING... ^_^

Besides, I'd sometimes equip an interceptor with a Plasma gun and AN EXTRA FUEL TANK... or even only 2 fuel tanks if it helps to find alien bases... :beer:
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