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New Weapon (needs Holding, Ground Sprites)

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#1 Leimrei



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Posted 16 December 2005 - 02:41 PM

Allright here is the new weapon. It lacks holding and ground sprites, so if you like the idea you can make them. It's the romunal rifle from Star Trek. Didn't find any info about it on the net so I made it my own way. Also, the Elerium AP darts, and the energy balls are a remake of "HEAVY MEZON CHARGE", and "CLOAKED DISK MINE". If I did something wrong (especially attaching the weapons .LUA to this post) don't ban me, I might get useful.

price - 1000
accuracy - 58, 65, 102
time - 28, 42, 68
autoShots - 2
weight - 20

price - 250
Clip Capacity 32 rounds
Damage - 140
dDeviation - 5%
explosion range - 1
smoke range - 2
smoke time - 1
damage type - Incendiary
weight - 5

price - 50
Clip Capacity 12 rounds
damage - 160
dDeviation - 0%
damage type - kinetic
weight - 2

Advantages: large magazine (energy balls only), high damage, explosive amunition (energy balls only), fast reload (elerium darts only).
Disadvantages: high price, cannot be reloaded during combat (energy balls only), heavy.

This weapon is most useful in close quarters, medium range. The concept of this is similar to a shotgun. Not very effective at large distances, but still packs a good punch.

Note: If you'll be using explosive amunition, load it before the battle starts and don't unload until you're done. Otherwise you'll waste the remaining ammo.

Edit: Hm... It seems I can't attach the weapons .LUA file here, heh I'm such a looser ^_^ . Just forget about it, you can use the images at your will. LOL

Attached Images

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#2 Kratos


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Posted 17 December 2005 - 05:42 PM

May I first of all say, thanks for your contributions! But unfortunately, there is some things about the galactic weapon set most people aren't aware of, and here is probably the best area to explain. :)

First of all, the Galactic weapon set is now called Aurora weaponset. Galactic seemed too plain for the set and seemed misleading.

Second, the set's images are all complete, and won't accept anymore additions or modifications. :( Handobjects/groundobjects images are now included btw.

Lastly, newest version not released for all you fans of it but I will release it very soon, looking forward to it because of the load of improvements. :) Vacation for the holidays is here, and this will give me the chance to finish this up once and for all. ;)

I love feedback from the set btw. Don't feel shy to give your compliments/complaints! :)

Banning for attatching a LUA file, never heard of such a thing! LOL You are allowed to modify the lua in anyway and post it for other people to play it. Just don't claim it was created by you. :wink1:

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#3 Prowler2885



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Posted 17 December 2005 - 09:18 PM

Excuse this bug/complaint off-topic, but whenever I load up the Aurora Weaponset/Galactic; the most annoying thing happens. I equip everyone with different weapons, load up the battlescape, and everyone has fusin rifles. No disks, beams or anything like that; just a bunch of overkill shots flying back and forth.

Any ideas to remedy this?

#4 Kratos


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Posted 17 December 2005 - 11:41 PM

If you have your units with the same name, they will do that. Make sure they all have different names.

I just finished the set for next release...now to start compressing :wink1:

BTW, it is reccomended that you delete the galactic weapon set when you get the Aurora. They are basically the same thing, but Aurora is an upgrade which can cause graphical/loading errors.

Edited by Kratos, 17 December 2005 - 11:42 PM.