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Posted 13 July 2010 - 10:04 AM

So much to say, ask and what not.

First off. I am a long time player of PC games. Xcom UFO defense is one of the all time best on my list.

Still have orig. cd, boxes and manuals etc etc.

Recently,again was playing xcom 1 and apocalypse.I decided to search for any info, because I always thought that this game needs to be redone to todays standards. and I came across your forums.

anyhow.I registered and am having problems posting anywhere but here.Never got the registration email,
and resended validation and still not.

But, this has caught my eyes and will be looking more into what is going on here.

Is this still active?

Is xcom making a comeback?

well , in time I will try to learn more of what this site is doing.I am a graphic art team(self taught) member at a gaming server that hosts many games. no names yet :-).

I thought I might drop in a thread to see what is up.Would really like to see a new version or upgraded version of this game because it is a great game.

Just an intro and hello,and will be checking back to learn more of this Xenocide.

If it is a project that is active,and is in line with what I am thinking it is,I would not mind to lend a hand.

one thing also. this would be so awesome if XCom could be done like Command & Conquer Renegade-
Westwood Studios RTS in a 3d enviorment.

Thanks and nice to meet.

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 10:17 AM

Greetings :)

The only active FOSS projects at the moment (that are worth their salt) are UFO: AI, UFO2K, ufo tts, xcom origin and openxcom. You should probably head over to UFO tts or UFO AI, as they are the most near-completion projects.

Btw, C&C Renegade was an FPS :P

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