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Whats The Worst Situation You Been In And Lived?

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Posted 29 January 2007 - 11:19 PM

Ok, I have to tell this one that just happened to me at a Snakeman terror site.

Deja vu man, deja vu. Snakeman terror sites are nasty messes. Reminds me of my most recent Snake terror mission. Had to whack 2 of my own zombified men after a Chrysalid Blitz that plowed through the HWP on the first alien turn. Had the site mostly cleared and my best Colonel (Psi-strong pre-lab and everything) took a hit that knocked her unconscious on the alien turn and then she "died" at the beginning of my turn. I killed the last alien right then, and miraculously she was resurrected after the battle! 40-something days in medical, but who cares? I'd have traded 7 of the squad for her anyway, and she needed some r&r.

Not nearly my worst successful mission though. Can't say I've ever had a lone survivor in any mission that I won, either. It's usually one guy that gets the finish on the tough ones, with a few other guys panicked somewhere (or the final few reinforcements trying to hoof it to the hot spot).

My most nerve wracking mission was also my second most memorable mission, which was the first Sectoid invasion of my first Superhuman game. I was just getting an idea of SH Sectoids when they raided, but I was NOT ready for a Commander. No HWP, so I knew it would largely be a weeding-out process. I tried to distribute explosives carefully and drop stuff when troops got psyched, but I hadn't had enough psi encounters to know the brains from the brine. I got several kills at he choke point, and thought I might actually get an offensive going... before the psi attacks started.

Guys were panicking from one attempt and berserking with standard rifles and incendiary weapons. The MCed guy with the laser rifle HAD to be shot. I had thrown smoke, which was doing stun damage from the incendiary bug. So guys were passing out and then getting blasted by friendly HE ammo and grenades. Best armor was Personal, and I only had 6 of those with around 10 others in jumpsuits.

I managed to kill any visible aliens at the choke point during all the chaos, so I was mainly dealing with my own troops during the middle part of the battle. I don't remember how many died here because some were ship crew and some were garrison that I had been rotating on the ship. I think 4 died here, and 2 were stunned for the duration of the battle. 3(?) others were panicked and MCed over and over with no weapons.

2 soldiers who hadn't been psyched moved into the hangar, and started getting panicked. Started moving 2 or 3 others forward from those who had been attacked before. Moved the "stronger minds" back to keep the distance in the equation. Someone sights the Commander and kills him. Move grunts into next hanger and KAZAP!! Cyberdisc lurking above hangar door. Toss in HE, no good. Soldier moves to other hangar door, takes a shot. Misses, dies in reaction fire. Soldier behind him tosses his laser rifle to the man behind him, who was panicked earlier but has better accuracy. He takes the rifle, moves to the other door, squeezes off a burst, and destroys the disc. We win, yay. 4 confirmed dead plus an unknown number who died unconscious or while MCed. 2 decent psi troops discovered before labs and tagged, plus a couple others with mid-range psi (endured a lot before succumbing).

Now... this was of course part of the greater saga that was my first Superhuman Sectoid War. A few Abductor and Supply Ship missions later, I had weeded out 6 confirmed anti-psionic troops. I had power suits and heavy plasma. I knew the tricks for thwarting psionics. Estimating that I would eventually be screening and training dozens of psi-troops, I decided to test my first Extermination Squad in what ended up being my most memorable mission, a commando strike on the only known sectoid base.

I believe it was 2 heavy plasma, 2 AC-HE, 2 rocket launchers. Backup laser pistols with the option to drop their strongest weapon and still be useful. Plasma tank + 3 man team and rocket tank + 3 man team. All 6 could survive a panic or 3 so I would know who to watch. One guy berserked once and let off a harmless HE burst; wiped my brow and kept going. Didn't even feel the need to drop his pistol. Near the end the rocket tank got destroyed by a disc, but I had a plasma trooper nearby and finished the job. The tank was getting to be a dino anyway.

Long story short, the psionics barely slowed me down, and the only blaster bombs that got shot at me hit walls somewhere along the way (I kept near-zero profile and as many corners & walls between me & the command and engineer rooms as possible until making a smooth ninja run toward them--learned that from the earlier difficulties). I was filing into the command center and had one AC guy and the plasma tank at the door when the Commander berserked and a leader panicked. Cue tank and AC trooper to charge in; next round will be a blaster to my penetration team. Tank opens door and moves forward enough to see upstairs; sees nothing. AC soldier goes up and sees 3 sectoids standing together at point blank range. Power suit + autocannon + 3 sectoid officers at point blank range = boom boom boom = three low, sad little alien groans. It was the ultimate vindication for the blood spilled at Europe Base.

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