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Non-techie Help?

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Posted 23 August 2006 - 10:17 PM

Yeah, so I'm lucky to be able to make a Basic program that will flood the screen with "Hellos", so I can't do too much of that, and it seems in reading these threads that alot of the work you all do is simply coding...*shivers* I can't imagine the utter monotony...

But anyway, a couple years ago I was pretty active on one of the mod teams for Jagged Alliance because the uber-JA geeks created quite a few user friendly wondows-type editing programs. With these, a non-techie like myself, was able to build a full version mod (Actually it was for JA2UB, which if your familiar is smaller than the original) with 110 maps, place NPCs and, other various functions. Essentially I was able to be a good mule to free up the big guys for their more complex tasks. I was even able to handle JA2's Beta editor, which was pretty darn tricky...

Ummm...the project was entitled "Jeremiah's Destiny", and was about halfway through to completion when the team basically fell apart and progress was lost. However I was contacted about 6 months ago by one of the former team members who asked permission to use the maps I had designed for the new JA2 1.1 thing, An ambitous mod that invovles rewriting the code and is pretty large in scope (a full 244 maps plus a million new features)

Now, I had a peek at that map editor for this...and...uh...well, it's not that simple for an idiot to use.

I wouldn't mind pitching in some, if there is some way to help beyond clapping and applause. I'd be willing to start small and go from there, if someone is willing to put up with a bunch of silly newb questions.

Obviously I'm not going to try and learn C++ from someone on the internet, and waste all their time in the process, but if someone were able to design some...errr...guis? is that the right term? for some of the more mundane tasks, I'd definately try them out.

Anyway, just an offer. If I seem like more work than I'm worth just ignore me... :D

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#2 Voller



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Posted 24 August 2006 - 01:45 AM

As far as I know, any form of graphics or sound design is always welcome. People are currently trying to make the game independent from any of the old x-com files, which means they have to be replaced one by one with something else. Not sure to what extent this goal has been achieved, but I suppose a few more maps, tilesets, units, weapons etc. really wouldn't hurt nobody :) (except for the units and the weapons maybe :P )

Depends on what you want to do and what you're good at, really :)