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Posted 30 August 2006 - 07:01 PM

I was a huge fan of the Xcom series, one of the most addictive and well balanced games ever made imho.

While faffing around to get Apoc working on XP again I stumbled on this project and wondered if it was still going. I read the guide on Recruiting and wondered if you still needed people.

Im interested in the Creative Text Dept as thats my thing. The level of my writing in English terms is fine, I have a degree in English and Media. In terms of creative writing you would need to decide for yourselves.

Ive been writing actively since I was a kid and becoming a fully published writer remains my lifelong ambition. My interests are in Fantasy and Sci Fi and im a believer in staying with what you love because passion is vital to anything. Suffice to say I really like creative writing and have done for over 25 years. If I have a major fault its that im very self critical (of my writing) which is why I have never submitted work for publishing I suppose. Just dont want to be an average writer, I want to know what I write is good enough for me, if its not then to heck with it Ill keep working on the areas I feel need work until Im satisfied.

Anyway, long story short. Given the fact I loved Xcom, Id love to see a rebirth of this game actually come to light and id really enjoy to contribute to it and be a part of it, id like to enquire how things are going and if you are still looking for people for this work?

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Posted 31 August 2006 - 06:09 AM


Yes We are still recruiting! A good place to look would've been over here. Please also read the recruiting instructions in the wiki and PM me with hte appropriate text.

Best wishes

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