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Penetration Of Terrain

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Posted 17 October 2007 - 11:30 AM

One thing that occasionally struck me as odd about the terrain in X-Com was the fact that stuff like hedges could stop a bullet. While I can understand a soldier not being able to walk through a hedge, I'm pretty sure bullets don't have the same problem. What I would like to see is making it possible to shoot through impassable terrain without destroying it. Ideally, this is affected by the type of weapons. For example, rifles, pistols, cannons and auto-cannons should have no problems penetrating a hedge. However, there should be a chance that HE or IC ammo exploding when they pass through (Simulating a hit on a branch or something like that). However, energy weapons like laser and plasma should expend all their energy on setting the hedge on fire. Also, AP ammo for heavy caliber weapons like the HC and the AC should be able to penetrate wooden and brick walls, albeit with less damage inflicted on a target on the other side.
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