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Show Us Your Enforcer Pics.

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Posted 13 December 2003 - 03:48 PM

A few rules before you upload your pics:
1. Compress them! Jpeg or tiff files are perfect for this. Bitmap files are insanely large, and will be deleted.
2. Resize them. 1024X768 is the arbitrary limit for now.
3. Describe them. What is it a pic of?
That's it! Let's see how you enforce the Ammonite Extermination Act of 2012. :D
Posted Image Haha! I'm now the Supreme Commander of X-COM. Time to kiss Earth goodbye.

My first order of business: Homeless people make cheap rookies, and are great at opening UFO doors. Heck, they're so cheap, I'm going to replace all personel with them!
Secondly: This organisation takes too much money to run. Weapon shipments will come from Siberia from now on. Costly maintenance is to be cut on all facilities. That includes venting.
Thirdly: We have a new colonel. His name is Facehugger, he loves aliens, and I want you all to treat him with respect.
Lastly: I'll be in my condo on an undisclosed island, if you need me. Good day.

FMIX-The General Stores

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