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Battle Damage For Hwp, Mechs, Robots, And...

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Posted 11 March 2004 - 06:19 PM

I would like to see battle damage simulated for vehicles in combat. You HWP might get a track blown off but still be able to fight. Etc...

I think power armor and such should have such damage effects as well.

That reminds me, if there are mechs, i think there should be damage simulated.

Maybe the power armor/mech you are useing takes a hit to the leg, you might not be hurt, but you might be imobilized.

Maybe the sensors take a hit, and you targeting/perception are imaired.

Maybe your power pack is damaged, cutting you TUs in half.

Maybe your weapon systems are shot away, leaving only your armored fists and good luck.


You get the picture.

Machines like power armor, HWP, mechs, and alien machines as well need battle damage simulated. I could add all sorts of coolness... and stress!!!

Imagin you power armor is hit in the leg, imobilizing you in the middle of the streed during a terror mission.

You are bleeding out the hole in the leg of you armor, unable to move you power armors legs because they have blown power circuts...

when that crysilid comes around the corner at a dead run heading you way.