X-COM: Apocalypse

Welcome to xcomapoc! xcomapoc is a spinoff of xcomufo. This site focuses on the third game in the X-COM series: Microprose's X-COM: Apocalypse. This site is small and simple because it is only meant to inform you of what the game is, where you can find it (legally), how you can fix it and get it to work, and a few other things. You can find information about UFO Defense and Terror From the Deep here: www.xcomufo.com and www.xcomtftd.com or in the menu above.

If you see something missing, want to chat about X-COM, have any problems (even technical and after reading the faq), or if you like this site, please email me at micahdg@xcomufo.com I love getting feedback of any sort, good and bad!

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