Why You Shouldn't Speed

    Why should you not speed? Well, there are numerous reasons why. I am going to tell you about these various reasons and what the consequences can be for speeding.
    Surpassing the posted legal speed limit in an automobile is against the law in the state of Texas. If you speed, you risk the probability of being apprehended and charged by a law-enforcing officer.
    There are many other dangers and accidents that can happen when you speed. While surpassing the legal speed limit, you have less control over the vehicle you are driving. With less control over the automobile, you lose the crucial few seconds of reaction time that may be necessary in order to avoid an accident, injury, or even death.
    In the case of the death of Princess Diana, we may extrapolate a plausible explanation for this most unfortunate event. Princess Diana sped, and now is dead. This is an extreme circumstance. However, you cannot rule out this remote possibility from taking place.
    There are, of course, less serious repercussions from speeding. These include: running off the road; hitting old people; running into other cars; and smacking into (End Page 1) resident, non-moving objects such as trees, road signs, houses, or trashcans. If any of these things were to come to pass, they would have dire consequences we and those the actions would affect shall reap.
    Speeding is illegal, as previously specified above. When you speed, you encourage other more responsible, law-abiding citizens to disregard any previous thought of civility and increase their speed as well. This creates a chain reaction of illegal activities which lead to the eventual degradation and break-down of the fundamental beliefs and standard of civilization as we know it. This cannot and must not happen. We therefore advocate the sustaining of law and order and the idea that violating these standards will and must hold dire consequences in order to hold society together as a unified, thriving civilization. Thus the requirement and issuing of traffic violation citations. Without such threatening items, there would be no second thought to the idea of pressing the gas pedal harder and harder until we pass what would otherwise be considered the legal boundary. This legal boundary that we should all fear and yet enjoy at the same time protects us from ourselves and those around us (End Page 2) who may also have the uncontrollable urge to disobey the law.
    When I was signaled and apprehended by an officer of the law, numerous thoughts were running through my mind, such as: "Oh, no, what will my parents do to me? How much money will this cost me? Will my insurance go up?" Therefore, we can easily see that the restraints of the family and civilization as a whole keep us from disobeying the law, or cause us to feel guilty afterwards. I am glad that I chose to be courteous and polite when the officer asked me questions and requested the State's Driver's License I had received 8 months prior to this situation, for it paid off when the officer pointed out the fact that my vehicle's inspection sticker had expired not 3 days before. Thankfully, he only cautioned me in that area and eventually sent me on my way.
    I am sorry that I sped. No, I am not sorry that I got caught, but that I contributed to the "Degradation of Society Theorem." I feel that receiving this citation and the assignment of this report so early in my driving career has and will help me to think twice the next time I contemplate excessive acceleration.

"That's the biggest bunch of BS!!" -Many of my friends told me that after reading it. But hey, the lady that read the report must have put a check on it because I never got a bill in the mail....muhahahahaaa

This report would probably make more sense to you if I informed you before you read it that I had just finished reading "Lord of the Flies" in English (literature) class.