Description File Name Details File Size

X-COM science fiction stories. xcomtxts.zip This zip is a collection of the files featured in the Stories section. 127k

XnView XnView-win.exe Picture-editing and screenshot-taking program that I used to get all the in-game pics, resize them, and convert them. Very handy program. 531k

ClarkWehyr Ent. X-COM Editor Suite v1.52 cwxce152.zip (Author's)
This has to be one of the best editors out there. It allows you to edit many aspects of  X-COM: UFO and X-COM: TFTD saved games with an excellent user interface. 367k

An X-COM saved game. x1save1.exe This is probably my best saved game in a while. Unzip this file in one of the "game_#" directories. (i.e. "c:\xcom\game_10") 21k

Italian Language patch v1.0 for X-COM: UFO Defense x1italy.exe Changes French language button to Italian. 329k

Italian Language patch v1.1 for X-COM: TFTD x2italy.exe Changes French language button to Italian. 329k