Well, obviously either you were extremely bored or you clicked on the wrong pic, because here you are at the OK page. You should feel very special and privileged to have found this. It contains classified, top-secret information on.... um.... well.... nothing.  So, feel free to browse the local selection of fauna but don't touch anything because it might bite back. Okay....

I'm feeling really bored at the moment, so here's a copy of my 3-page report I had to write for Teen Court so I wouldn't have to pay for my ticket. 

Speeding Report

Next is a rather lengthy rewrite and side-by-side comparison of the United States Declaration of Independence and a few of the amendments that I think you would enjoy reading; you'll get a kick out of it. A friend and I wrote them up for a high school Criminal Justice class. Enjoy.

Miconan Empire Declaration of Independence

This is some more funny reading:
Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail film script

Pictures!!! (of me, my family, and my girlfriend)