This page contains an assortment of very excellent sci-fi stories based on X-COM: UFO Defense. You may also download all of these stories as one .zip file in their original text format by going to the download page.

The first nine text files are, in my humble opinion, the best out of the lot. They were written by Russ Brown back in 1994. The plot throughout the story follows the main character, Shuji Akira, as he and his fellow soldiers progress through the basic story of X-COM itself, ending up on Mars.

Saga 1 - Saving Wales
Saga 2 - The Better Part of Valor
Saga 3 - Japanese Monsters
Saga 4 - Mind Games
Saga 5 - House Call
Saga 6 - Big Fish
Saga 7 - Alien Abduction
Saga 8 - Exposure
Saga 9 - God of War

These next three stories are written by different authors, and, though they don't quite compare to Russ Brown's Saga, they're worth the read. The first and third are an attempt by Microprose to to bridge the gap between X-COM 1 and 2.

Decommissioning - Microprose
Manley's Deposition - John Possidente
Moray in the Wreck - Microprose