X-COM: UFO Defense Saved Games

If anyone would like to add their own saved game to this page, feel free to email me (with the saved game attached)
and let me know why you would like it posted here (meaning what is interesting about it?).

This is an old saved game that I've had for several years. It in no way represents any of the best strategies out there, so take it for what it is. One good things about it is that there is a lot of stuff (bases, avengers, supplies, soldiers, ufos).      
Saved game stats:

8 Bases
10 Avengers
90 Soldiers
178 Engineers
Income: $18.7m/month
Net worth: $350m (200m cash)
Best Soldier: Micah :)
Download this saved game:
For anyone who might not be able to start a new game at Superhuman difficulty (because of a bug in the old DOS version) here is a game that is saved after the first base is placed in Europe, as well as a saved game started at Beginner, for whatever reason.    x1superhuman.exe