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Suggestions: Make The Aim Lines And Time Unit Displays On By Default

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Posted 13 April 2007 - 01:57 PM

I'm a big fan of the game, and enjoy playing it a lot with several friends. It's amazing how the added features make the tactical combat interface much more useful than the old xcom interface.

Specifically, I think that the "line of fire" that appears when you hold down alt and the timeunit cost that appears when you hold ctrl are great helps. Not only do they provide useful info up front, but they remind you if clicking someplace will make you start shooting or walking there. I think they're so useful that they should be on by default. If you have a soldier selected to move, the cursor should always show the TU cost of a path. It'll remind you that "move mode" is on, plus there's no need to hide it. Likewise, if you select a weapon to take a shot, it would be great if the line of fire was always drawn as a reminder. I do think that this line could be improved by being a bright green before its first intersection and a "warning" shade of red afterward, but the concept of the line is great.

Yeah, make 'em on all the time.

Also, we've played a lot of games that end up with much of the map leveled and covered by smoke. While this is cool, I'd like to be able to tweak the damage done by explosive (or regular firearms) to buildings. I don't know if this is a terrain, weapon, or game engine property. It would be fun to have a weapon set/terrain type where explosives and weapon-fire couldn't destroy any terrain, with the exception of the HE packs. These could be used tactically to blow small holes in walls (a grid side or two at most). I think this play mode would increase the value of cover. It would also make the game more static, but I don't think that's terrible. I know, not everyone would want to see the "big boom go byebye", and I wouldn't want to play without it all the time, but it'd be nice to have a "realistic" mode.

Third, I know the 4/1 release was a joke, but the cartoon words of "Whammo" over the explosion was actually a cool effect. I think a comic-book feel could actually work well, with "rat-a-tat-tat" appearing when you autoshoot, and other such words appearing at about the location on the map where the sound effect starts at. ...but that's probably a lot more work than messing with the fireball sprite :)

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Posted 14 April 2007 - 03:30 PM

I expect it'd probably be easy enough to set these as toggles on the options screen (like the "player 2 always starts crouching" option), so that you can toggle them as always on if one wanted.
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