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Campaign 3 Begins!

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#1 Tiruas



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Posted 23 June 2009 - 06:41 PM

Following our glorious & epic failure of campaign 2 (SH Ironman attempt 1)
{which ended in base assault on January 6th!!!! (you gotta be kidding me right?)
while our Triton was patrolling the indian ocean...}

we have immediately begun a new campaign, our genius commander titled it "Campaign 3" (SH Ironman attempt 2)
his wisdom & creativity truly.... knows no bounds...

We have had our ups and downs in January, but all in all it was a success!

January 2040 Results
1,946 Excellent
+713,000 $ - zero alien pacts
1 Base Mediterranean
+1 Base Indian Ocean (off the chart USO activity here)

-16 soldiers
-1 torp SWS

noteworthy achievements
50 scientists by Jan. 5!!!
Sonic Pistol/Clip & Gauss Pistol/clip researched
USO 1-7 & Terror Site 1 - average 1 casualty per mission
even though the Terror Site cost us 4 aquanots
3 live deep one terrorists captured
3+ deep one corpses errr "captured"

noteworthy failures
Jan. 31 - USO 9 landing site
all was going well, 8 aquatoids dead & not a single casualty
torp SWS tank out front of the USO's front door & 10 troops lining the outer wall

next turn, tank blocks doorway (to protect aquanots DUH, so tank will take any "hits")
and aquanots line up behind tank (leaving room for tank to retreat next turn) this is going to be GENIUS...

all are preped to storm the sub, none however, are preped for the aquatoid that comes out & shoots the tank twice,
prompting it to return fire, vaporizing itself & 8 aquanots, fatally wounded 2 remaining aquanots WHY???!!! WHY???!!!

IDIOT!!!!! (all my fault of course, the turn before i bled out the SWS's TUs... but naively forgot to do so the fatal round)

in retrospect, commander has ordered that no SWS drivers shall be allowed to have 2 strippers & a disco ball on board his SWS while on duty any more...
it only takes 1 bad apple to ruin it for everyone right???

*sigh* continuing on....
managed to finish off the last aquatoid before my 'nots bled out (no medkits of course)

luckily however USO 9 was landed by Triton 2, my team of rejects unworthy to fly Triton 1...
and also recovered enough loot to cover the cost of replacing said rejects + tank

If anyone particularly cares... shoot up a reply & I'll keep this play - by - play going....

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#2 Andy



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Posted 23 June 2009 - 07:15 PM

It's nice to have something to read once in a while.

I'm still mapping level 1 of a colony tho. I'm using my guys as light sources. Using Dosbox's screenshots and cut+pasting them together. Reason being, a colony is naturally dark. 60% done.

.....and back to you.

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Posted 24 June 2009 - 01:19 AM

February 2040 Results
1,885 Excellent
+735,000 $ - zero alien pacts
2 Bases, Mediterranean & Indian Ocean
+ 2 Bases, North & South Pacific (this months area of alien choice)

On the whole February was pretty much the worst month of my life so far...

Let's recap, only one USO landed all month and we lost 6 agents,
3 of which were "elite" potential... stupid sonic pulsers...

Feb 12. the alarms went off all over the base, we are under attack!

Commander gets on the comm channel & screams "defend the synonium device at all costs!"
the base is worthless without it he explains... only nobody here has ever heard of a synonym device???
Commander must be losing it...

The defense went well, only losing 2 agents to alien fire, and 2 more because Helga had been drinking
vodka heavily on her day off when the aliens attacked, after she picked up her HE Gas Cannon, it wasn't pretty...

After the attack was repelled, I asked the Commander what the aliens were after here.
He said something about being a sexy beast & no alien could handle him... I'm not even
sure if he was even answering me.

Feb 22. our horrible luck continues... Terror attack at Midway Island!
Lost 4 good agents & 75% of the civilians died ... too bad about the hot chick on the beach.
We landed the triton right on top of her... oh well... Commander says a good
drop point is the most important thing.

Feb 28th alarms going off all over the place, our base is under attack again!
All of our best agents are out on missions (both tritons out on patrol). Luckily we have about 30 spare
soldiers on hand at any time, for just such an occassion! Too bad the aliens man handled us horribly
lost 11 agents, luckily they all sucked anyway...

Only saw one USO all month, except those that beelined in for a base assault...
I asked Commander what he thought about the lack of normal activity this month,
he said "we're obviously too awesome & they're scared".

I need a vacation...

Noteworthy Achievements
- Good God, we're freaking alive for one...
- 100 Scientists on March 1
- Up to 25 elite agents, despite annoyingly high casualties this month.
- Starting to produce aqua plastic armors
- All prereqs finished for Ion Armor, researching live Deep One

Noteworthy Failures
- Lost 25 agents this month
- Utter lack of income this month
- Commander seems mentally retarded
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#4 Tiruas



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Posted 24 June 2009 - 08:43 PM

March madness is over!

Once again we achieved an Excellent rating! (1749)
Good thing we are the ones doing the rating system... we win, you lose.

+745,000 $ - zero alien pacts
4 Bases Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, N & S Pacific
+2 Bases N & S Atlantic

-7 agents
-2 cannon SWS

The aliens seemed to want to make up for lost time in February,
sending no less than 7 USOs this month! Averaging a mere 1 human casualty per mission,
all is going well. We briefly tried suspend the ban on strippers on board SWSs... it didn't work out.

Still having financial difficulties, as we are expanding like roaches...

Not sure how we came up with an Excellent rating for ourselves this month...
March 29th will be a date long remembered in Vancouver, Canada.
Terror site 3 was being overrun by 22 gillmen / deep ones even as we landed.

The battle was bloody and vicious, we lost 5 agents & a tank in the crossfire,
not only that only 1 out of 11 civilians survived the bloodbath... Commander says
"Don't feel too bad son, after all they were Canadian..."

His words of wisdom bring little comfort today... Still the agents that we lost were
4 "fodder class" (10-20 bravery, poor Fire Acc) & 1 "scout class" (30-40 bravery, med Fire Acc).
No elites lost in March. (50+ bravery & 60+ Fire Acc)

Perhaps that is because of our shiny new Ion Armors... they gleam like the sun itself.

March 29, as we made our long weary trip home to Europe, another USO was spotted over
Europe, the little bastards must think we're too busy to handle them. A couple of well
placed DUP & AJAX torpedoes have given them plenty of time to ponder this mistake.
We'll hit them tomorrow when the sun is up.

March 30, although it is the biggest vessel we've tackled so far (medium) the aliens
were simply no match for our Triton 1 crew, 0 casualties. Several of the aquatoids
were carrying a new weapon, our scientists are calling Disruptor Pulse Launchers...
Not sure exactly what they do yet, as all them were killed so quickly.

Achievements -
- continued expansion of our global sonar network
- up to 125 scientists now, replacing the 2 tanks has stunted our growth this month
- no elites lost in March
- Ion Armor into regular production now, with 6 already in the field

Failures -
- bloodbath in Vancouver (-38 score total)
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#5 Tiruas



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Posted 25 June 2009 - 08:21 PM

April Results!

2,740 Excellent
+949,000 $ - zero alien pacts
6 Bases Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, N & S Pacific, N & S Atlantic
+2 Bases Neo Japan & Antarctic

-6 soldiers
-2 SWS, 1 torp & 1 cannon

April must be mating season for the Aquatoids,
cause they were all over the place & sexually frustrated...

Had 6 USO landings with aquatoids, 4 crashes half gillmen & half aquatoids.
Only lost 1 tank throughout all of these missions, these new Ion armors are
probably becoming a terrifying sight to the aliens... too bad they never
live long enough to report about it, so maybe not!

April 24 - If it wasn't for today April would've been a great month...
but, we had a base attack today. All in told 26 dead aquatoid & calcinate,
6 agents & a cannon tank. Got our first taste of alien psychic attacks today,
I nearly got my head blown off... me & Tom were about to check sub pen 3,
right before we opened the door he got a funny look on his face & then
just started shooting me... again "Thank God for Ion Armor"... anyway,
I probably would've let him live, but that son of a bitch cheated at poker
on Saturday... so I shot him in the face & reported it as "my only option"
he he he... he won't be cheating anymore... and who will comfort his poor,
poor, & not to mention smoking hot *cough* "ex" girlfriend Kristel???

April 25 - Kristel is great in bed... I'm gonna take a nap...

Achievements -
- Our global Sonar net will be completed by May 15th!!! Now they cannot hide anywhere on Earth!
- Averaged less than 1 casualty per mission, including 3 medium USOs & a base defense
- Started full production on Mag. Ion Armors this month
- Sonic Oscillators discovered & equipped, a mighty weapon in our arsenal

Failures -
- What failures? we were rockin' this month, rockin' with our rooster out, jammin' with our clam out...

Personal Achievements -
- Shot a cheater in the face & banged his girlfriend the same day!!! Giggity Giggity Giggity...

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Posted 27 June 2009 - 01:25 AM

May 2040 Results!

5,177 Excellent
+236,000 $ - Egyptian Cartel (-784,000)
8 Bases Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, N & S Pacific, N & S Atlantic, Neo Japan & Antarctic

-21 agents killed, 8 elites, 3 scouts, and 10 fodder
-2 SWS, 1 torp & 1 cannon
*note* several more elites sacked for "MC weakness" but not actually 'killed'

It has been an interesting month to say the least.
2 Terror missions, both pooched royally, we cannot seem to save civilians at all.

May 1st - Terror site 4 on Easter Island (181)
Over 20 aliens killed on this terror mission, but we failed to save any civilians at all.
Lost 3 men, 1 of each class, nothing of particular interest on this one. Well, except
perhaps we damn near had to level the hotel in order to kill the last alien, we could
hear him panicking but as the stairs had been blasted out, were unable to reach him.
I hope they had alien invasion insurance... cause they're gonna need it.

About 3 crash sites this month, again nothing out of the ordinary.

May 22 - Infiltration mission
HUGE alien ships buzzing all over the mediterranean, none of them landed,
but an alien base was discovered & the Egyptian Cartel has pulled their funding.
So, the alien must've conference called from orbit... tricky bastards.

May 22 - Alien Colony Raid (ACR) #1
Landing with our elite Triton 1 crew, even Commander Nick & I were there. We completely swept all
of the aliens pathetic defenses on the surface without a single loss & prepared for a raid on the lower levels.
That's when things turned ugly. Commander seemed sure that there would be some high ranking aliens
in here somewhere and we were to capture one alive. We reached a railed off hole where we could see
several aliens in a tiny room guarding some strange alien device... but before we could do anything else
we were ambushed. A tentaculat grabbed Commander Nick from behind, and let me tell you...
I will NEVER enjoy another tentacle porn video... ever again. He screamed like a little girl as that thing
turned him into a zombie... sigh, I was about to shoot both of them when I saw another one swooping in
from above us, it killed another elite soldier instantly... I didn't wait to see who was next, I dropped a sonic
pulser & ran for it. All in told we only lost 3 agents that mission, but it could have been much worse...
and the break neck pace that Commander Nick was rushing to get to the aliens, there was no time
to setup against them, we rushed blindly into a trap. The more I think about it, I have come to believe
that Commander Nick may have been under psionic control, at least part of the time, as far back as January!
Well, now he can rot down there as one of them... however, we're still going to need to capture some
alien officers eventually so we can figure out what's really going on with this invasion.

I have been promoted to Supreme Commander by the Xcom board of directors. Now we'll do things MY way!

May 23, 24, & 25

We have begun raiding the upper level of the alien colony daily. It didn't take me long to figure out
that this was much better than waiting for those measly government handouts they call "funding".
Also, I am battle testing all these so called "elites" we have lounging around at the base. Any signs
of mental weakness on their colony raid and they are immediately sacked when they return.
The costs of this new tactic are high, we've lost 8 "elites" including previous Commander Nick,
raiding this base. However, those that survive are battle hardened and less likely to be controlled
by the alien psionics. We are researching our own psionic labs & trying to combat this new frustration.
Also, we have had the technology to build "Transmission Resolvers" as our scientists call them for some
time now, but Nick never wanted us to build them. "Waste of money" he said... I half wonder if there
was communications he didn't want us to hear. Well, we have taken the loot from our colony raids
and now all 8 of our bases are constructing TRs and we've also converted N. Pacific into a manufacturing
plant of sorts, with 6 workshops & a planned crew of 250 technicians, we should be mass producing
new craft & armors at a blinding pace.

May 30 - Terror site 5 in Jamaica (192)

I half wanted to see Jamaica personally, but honestly I am battle weary from all these colony raids.
So, we sent over 10 fodder class agents (they do so love to be called that), however, we didn't leave
them all on their own, they rolled into combat with the first ever Sonic Displacer SWS... a true alien
slaying behemoth, it took 7 shots from sonic cannons & rifles and barely had it's paint chipped (literally 2 damage).
Still those bungling fools destroyed the town, set fire to half the buildings, and worst of all they
killed half the civilians (with exploding gas drums)! I can't wait until we start getting some MC labs so
we can pre-screen soldiers... If funding permits, I may convert one of our radar posts to a full time
aquanaut MC screening lab... we'll see how it goes.

Achievements -
- Global Sonar Network is up & running, will be adding transmission resolvers worldwide by end of June (already half done in all bases)
- Sonic Displacers are in full production, 2 out & more on the way
- Manta & Hammerhead discovered, but we can't seem to advance though, we might need to capture some alien officers & interrogate them
- Built 6 workshops in N. Pacific & will have 250 techs by mid-June
- Mediterranean base will have 250 scientists by mid-June

Failures -
- Failed to obtain an enemy commander on our only serious attempt, we'll wait for a few more technologies before we try it again
- Heavy casualties, especially among my elites, whom I would prefer to lose 0 of
- Watched our previous Commander die right in front of me... a horrible experience

Personal Achievements -
- Promoted to Supreme Commander
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#7 Andy



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Posted 27 June 2009 - 07:47 AM

ok, so you don't lose a terror mission if all civies are killed?

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Posted 27 June 2009 - 05:05 PM

You only ever truly lose a mission if all your troops get killed and the transport (or base) is lost. Winning or losing a mission though is generally open to interpretation, and really depends on what you were after or what sort of losses you sustained.

With terror sites, civilians are mainly presented as a handicap for your mission score. Obviously you want to try and save as many as you can, but the main thing is to survive the ordeal. Of course, in TFTD, the aliens (in Superhuman at least) are brutal and can often kill a large chunk of the population before you've sighted any!

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#9 Tiruas



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Posted 11 July 2009 - 10:59 PM

Just a little side note...

i have actually finished "June" in gameplay, but not taken the time to try to write
something half decently interesting for the play by play... and real life has been
pretty crazy busy for me for awhile!

July 4th Engaged to the sweetest & awesome .... eh... "est" girl ever!

July 12th Won a poker tournament!!! Woohoo... first victory ever (started up in Dec?)

anywho... things have been busy & to be honest i've been spending less time on my PC...

but the story *WILL* continue (if anyone cares) :P
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Posted 20 August 2009 - 12:20 PM


well seems i was wrong about that...

i did finish this game, with 1 artifact site (which didn't go so well), and t'leth mission finished with just 3 soldiers standing

sorry all, i hate to end the story like this, but i've been far too busy for any gaming at all lately :(

not that i think anyone is on the edge of their seat waiting on my story update... but hey...



signing off!
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