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Which Version Of Enemy Unknown?

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 03:47 PM

Hello, I have a CD that says X-com UFO Defense on the front with the Infogrames logo at the bottom. I need to know which version I am running.

I thought it was 1.2 at first because that's the version of the readme file. I have noticed however that the sectoids and floaters both do the moaning death, which supposedly means it is 1.4 or CE.

The only reason I care is because I want to play on Veteran difficulty rather than beginner.


PS- Can anyone point me to a list somewhere that tells what bugs were fixed in 1.4? I downloaded a couple zips of the patch but they didn't include a bug list.

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 05:41 PM

Bugs? Technical bugs or game logic bugs? In any case, there's a whole heap of them! :)

If your copy of the game is the dos version, then no matter how many patches you apply, the game will revert to beginner after playing a mission. The best known fix is to apply the difficulty fix that comes with XComutil.

If it's the Collectors Edition (i.e. which has also commonly become known as the 'Gold' edition), then the bug has been fixed, plus a few extra bugs have been introduced with the port. Two that I can name straight away are the blaster bomb vertical bug where the blaster bomb flies south if you try to fly a blaster bomb straight up or down on the same tile (to fix this, move it at an angle), and the proximity mine bug. The proximity mine bug happens when a proximity mine is armed but not spent by the end of the mission. On the next mission, one object will think it's an armed proximity mine and explode as soon as you walk near it (unless it's in your hands). Damage will be based off the item's abilities. Best fix is to spend all proximity mines before a mission ends, or to save the game before the next tactical mission, exit the game, start it again and reload your game.

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