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All Devoted Players:: Join/create An Army.

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Posted 27 January 2006 - 03:50 AM

Let me inform you that yes, this is another attempt by me to create something that adds to UFO2000 to build on its community and strengthen it's player base.

Am I tired of failed attempts? No obviously not. Do I think that the hours ive spent creating and maintaining my ideas have been wasted? Definitly not, I hope that if nothing else at lest some of the ideas ive presented will be used in the future, besides ive had a lot of fun doing it.

So, you ask, what is next? What crazy idea does JoeJoe have for you now?

This one is much simpler, but is only for the devote and consistant players of UFO2000.
I will be extreamly happy if as few as ten people even express interest in my idea.

Please keep in mind that as of right now all previous ideas of mine have been scrapped. I may draw on them or use parts, but this is a new one.

What I suggest:: I am going to create an "army" (aka a clan; but the term army works a lot better for x-com)

My army will consist of Platoons (refered to as toons from here on)

Each Platoon will be commanded by a player, who will create, control, and battle with his own squad of soldiers.

NOW, how can this be turned into something that will enhance the game?

Hopefully, someone else will create an army, and others will join that army.

Once that has been accomplished, a "moderator of the games" can pit armies VS each other; in which case the commanders will decide which toon will battle.

Variables can be assigned to these battles; a moderator may give the commander two army configurations, each to use with a different terrain.

The first step is to create the armies.