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Alien vs Human WAR II on 7kplay.net is starting any time.....

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 06:27 AM

Hi UFO enthousiasts!

Begin March 2010 WAR II will start at 7kplay.net !!!! The New 7kplay.nete site is being constructed as we speak and already featured now is the Real time Geoscape view, and base view! Depending on which race you play these bases will differ off course!
Here is how it all starts, read this


Earth United Council Praise Alien Dictatorship After Meeting
Ten months ago we, people of Earth, met our elder brothers ruled by Ethereal Emperor. We met Aliens, who came here to
co-exist with us in harmony. In fact, they didn't come, but did return. Yes, they tell us about
ancient times, when Aliens in peace taught humans sciences of irrigation and alphabet.

Our second meeting was not peacfull, we must admit. For more than eight weeks we were fighting our
teachers in ignorance. Our forces even stroke the Mars Alien base! Fortunately, the elders managed to
overcome the resistance and now we live together in peace.

Soon we will celebrate a memorable date ? the anniversary of the Alien return. They have solved many of our problems already
and demanded so few things! Who needed annoying country borders? Who needed costly space programs and exaggerated military budgets?
And who is not happy now, with Alien forces to defend himself from world terrorism? With new fast cars made of alien alloys and powered by elerium?
Who do not like alien entertainments, which eliminated the long-existed drug traffic problems?

No one need problems, therefore we like Aliens for sure. Now we have an opportunity to help them in one deed to them. United Earth Council have a meeting with Alien representatives today, on 21/02/2010. They informed us about one small wish. Alien Emperor is keen on Ancient Rome history and specifically, gladiator fights. He wants to organize such an event, placing alien warriors against human. Alien Emperor through in a hint: successfull gladiator will be able to challenge himself. UEC therefore is now and on support gladiator movement and have created X-COM Gladiators organization. It support every individual who wants to confront elders in battle: let all conflicts be solved during gladiator fights between warriors.
Praise Aliens and their Emperor, people!

Chance to Kill Some Aliens
Are you tired of Sectoids on TV? Do you think Snakemen are ugly?
Have you cursed "our elder brothers" when they do not hear?

We think you answer "yes!" Now we are giving you a chance to kill some of those aliens, for real!
Warning: do not read further if you have moral, ethical or religious reasons agains hurting (or even killing) any alien creature.
Still here? Fear Aliens no more!
Discover the legal way to put a bullet through Sectoid's head!
Participate in an organization approved and sponsored by Earth United Council.
Join the X-COM Gladiators! Call 1-800-555-DIE-ALIENS and you are in!

X-COM stands for eXtraterrestial COMbat unit ? the secret force that kicked aliens asses about 15 years ago.
X-COM Gladiators is its successor in dealing pain to aliens today. The story is simple: aliens wants entertainment
and held gladiator tournament this spring. They submit their warriors against people of Earth and several battles to death will be held.
They want entertainment? With your help we will make them regret.

What you will receive, is:
1) subsidized food, uniform and housing,
2) training with and utilizing real weapons,
3) chance to show yourself on mass-media,
4) international fame and respect.

Gladiators will have their first battle this spring, do not be late to sign in!
Signing in is free of charge and is available to everyone. Just call 1-800-555-DIE-ALIENS now!
Kill some aliens as an X-COM Gladiator!

And here is some additional information about how the WAR is played!


What is the WAR?

The WAR is a REAL TIME variant of the x-com 1 & 2 series. It is a massive multiplayer variant where we use this 7kplay.net site as the geoscape and baseview part of the game and UFO2000 as the battle view. Just like in the original game we have a story which is written by *7k* Colonels. We start out with weak weapons and armour and as the story progresses things improve for the races. Of course this is depending on the succes of the battles the races have.

War phases:
The WAR is divided into phases. Each phase is about 2 weeks. After each phase a winning team is declared. The winning team gets the best improvements for the next phase. Losing a phase can also mean you have to play next phase with penalties. For example: Winning a phase means you can use a new weapon next phase and 4000 points to spend on weaponry/armour and the loser would have to play next phase with only 3000 points. As you can imagine, the outcome of the phases also influances the story.

Phase Objectives:
Each phase is divided in some mission objectives. You can view the mission objectives in the Mission Control facility on your race's bace. A phase can have primary, secondary or even tertiary objectives. Each mission objective can have a different set of rules or different location. Each mission will influance the story at a different way. Some missions can only be played by certain players. Each objective is won by the team with the highest score.

Scoring points for your team objectives:
The team with the best battle results of an objective wins the objective. The team which wins the primary mission which can be played by all players wins the phase. Every battle has to be reported to the base command by the winner and the match score is automaticly calculated and added to the team score. You can claim those scores in your race's mainbase in the WAR tab which appears only when you join the WAR and select a race.

Personal score: Gaining CREDITS:
When you claim a win for your team you also claim a win for yourself. Every win you claim you gain CREDITS. There are more ways to gain CREDITS like becoming the phases best player with the most wins of your team. CREDITS can be spend in the CREDIT shops. CREDITS allow you to buy special perks and equipment for your matches to try and get you an advantage. You can acces the FI-SHOPS by visiting the shops in your base.

FI-SHOPS (Fiction Internet-Shops): Spending CREDITS:
In the shops you can buy a variaty of products to aid you in your battles. Some perks allow you to open up more product within a shop or open up new shops or facilities on your base. Like the INTERSTELLAR CREDIT BANK which opens up the banking facility. In MERCENARY shops you can even buy an extra unit for your team. How this works you can also find out in the FI-SHOPS. Items appear in your inventory which is visible at any profile overview.

Am I good enough to play the WAR??
Everyone is good enough to play in the WAR even if you have just started out!! The WAR takes in account the battle strength of players. This means there is a special player dependant scoring bonusses/deductions system. Basicly it means that a super-human player who wins from a new player only gains him 1 point for the WAR whereas a win against another Super-Human player would've gained him 4 points. This means losing for a new player doesnt influance the scores as much as a super-human player. So you can play as much in the WAR as you like. Should the new player win of the Super-Human his team does gets the full 4 points. The playing strength calculated is your 7k rank. Furthermore al new/beginning players get a special helper in the battles they play. An extra unit to strenghten his team. A special team specific mercenary will join your team. You can find out al about this free mercenary in the FI-SHOPS facility of your base. If you gain a rank in the WAR all further scoring is adjusted automaticly.

How can i Join?
Well you've just read all you need to know in the WAR! You can join the WAR by registering (free) at 7kplay.net and then selecting which side you want to play on! Once you select your race you are in! You can join at any time! Even if the WAR is well underway!

Ask any questions here and see you at http://www.7kplay.net!
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Posted 08 March 2010 - 07:03 AM

Site block: Some browsers may display a site warning! This is however a mistake by Google. The warning will be cleared within 48 hours. You can wait for that or simply ignore the warning, the site is clean. Firefox users will have to also uncheck the "block reported sites" in the extra->options-> security tab.
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Posted 11 March 2010 - 09:59 PM

Unchecking that option is just not a good idea, it's there for a reason, I think it's safer for the google warning to go away than to lower browser security settings altogether.




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Posted 12 March 2010 - 08:54 AM

Unchecking that option is just not a good idea, it's there for a reason, I think it's safer for the google warning to go away than to lower browser security settings altogether.

Sure for safety true, but i wouldnt say its all clean if it wasnt. anyhow, google technicians have cleared the error, so no more message.

WAR has begun now, the first battles have commenced in the first phase! Small lead for the humans currently!
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Posted 06 October 2010 - 05:06 AM

Human team won!
WAR II results: http://www.7kplay.ne...=86&t=419#p1987

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