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Posted 27 April 2004 - 02:37 PM

1. From looking around on the boards, I've noticed that a few people were having trouble with Turbo Pascal programs. I've discovered that many of X-COM3's editors (like XED, SGED, and 3SGE) that get those annoying run-time 200 errors (and some others) work perfectly well when you activate them via DOSBox!

The link for DOSBox is: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net

XED and SGED mut be in the home directory of X-COM, 3SGE must be in the SAVEGAME directory of X-COM for anyone having problems with these applications.

BTW: There are many people trying to run X-COM with DOSBox, and it works, but tremendously slowly.

2. I can compress the SOUND and RAWSOUND directories of X-COM3 into a file < 4 megabytes big. There were a few people who need these files as I recall, I could post the file if anyone wants me to.

3. My big question! I really hope somebody can answer this for me because it is really bugging me. I've used all the various editors I can possibly find, namely Midnight, to attempt to change a soldier to an android. Now, I can change the photo, and set the psi-defense to 100 and whatnot, but the game does not consider them to be an android (They can still train). I've tried changing soldiers on route to the base, firing soldiers then rehiring them, even changing scientists to androids then changing them to soldiers.

As a last resort, I hired a (real) android, opened up the savegame file, and copy-pasted his data into another soldier's data hoping that soldier would become android, but, the game just crashes on startup. If anyone can provide assistance, many thank-yous are in order.

If it matters for any reason, I am using WinXPHome with a Pentium 4 1.6 GHZ processor.