X-COM: Apocalypse (DOS version 1.0 and Windows Collector's Edition) Bug FAQ

Let me say that I do not like Apocalypse, for reasons I won't bore you with. Please do not email me with questions regarding this game. You can try posting in the forums, in the Apocalypse Tech Help forum. There are so many things that don't work with Apocalypse that it's hard to pinpoint all of them. Here is a list of specific things that 'should' be easy to fix. First, there is a link to a detailed list of steps written by a friend that you can try out on your computer if everything else fails to help you.....

Mark's Detailed Apocalypse Fix Solution:

Forum Topic - Mar 5 2003, 01:40 PM
(Specifically for Win2k, but likely to work for other OSes)

Running Compatibity Settings for X-COM: Apocalypse in Windows 2000/XP

There are lots of things that go wrong when trying to play Apoc in Win2k/XP. The most common can be fixed by setting the game's compatibility settings to an older version of windows. Edit the properties of whatever file starts Apoc (whether it's xcom3.bat, or xcomapoc.exe, etc.) and set the program to Windows 95 compatibility with 256 colors. Now run that file.

Saving Your Game in X-COM: Apocalypse (Hard Drive Version)

The version of Apoc that is most commonly found online does not create an empty directory called "savegame" that is necessary to save a game in Apoc. You must create a new folder, "savegame", in the main Apoc directory. This will enable your saved games to be written to the hard drive.

Fixing the Sound in X-COM: Apocalypse under WinXP (and possibly Win2000/ME)

Note from me: This fix will give you sound, but it may be choppy and not as good as you hope.


Download the newest version of VDMSound. After installing it, set up Apocalypse to use a Sound Blaster, 220, IRQ 7, DMA 1 (the default for SB emulation under VDMSound). Exit and save from the setup program. Finally, edit the run xcom3.bat file that came with the zip from the first step. Add the command "dosdrv" on a new line between the "xcom3_cd.com" and "xcomapoc.exe SKIP" lines. This will invoke a VDMSound session inside the DOS box of the batch file, which will end when the game is exited.

You will need to edit the properties of xcom3.bat and set the program to Windows 95 compatibility with 256 colors. Now, run the batch file and enjoy!

Files/Buffers Error

Remember, Apoc was made for old DOS and it requires a few things that most DOS machines already had running, including the right numbers of buffers and files that a program could manipulate at once. From the start menu, run sysedit.exe A lot of little windows will appear in the sysedit window. Find the one called config.sys Go to the bottom of the file (or the top if it is empty) and enter these commands, on seperate lines:
Save the file, exit the program, and restart your machine. Theoretically, this should fix the problem.

SVGA Graphic Error

Apocalypse has trouble detecting the 2D hardware on modern 3D/2D combo cards. Download x3svga.zip from the Apocalypse download page to help correct the error.

Missing Alien Dimension Maps

The 54mb archive of Apoc is missing some map files that enable you to play into the Alien Dimension. Download this file:
These are the missing maps. Unzip this file and place both of the folders, 59alien1 and 60alien2, in the \maps\ folder. This will allow you to play in the alien dimension. 

"No CD" error

Download the following file:


Once downloaded, unzip the file to your main Apocalypse directory. To run the game, use the "Run X-com.bat" file included with the zip.