X-COM: Terror From the Deep Download

The X-COM games are not available for download from xcomufo. You can purchase the games online at Valve or Direct2Drive: Valve's Steam $4.99
Direct2Drive $4.95
Description File Name Details File Size

Video Bug Fix for Collector's Edition xcom_bugfix091.zip Corrects the "garbled graphics" video error in  the collector's edition on a Windows 98se, ME, 2000, or XP machine. Place the file in the game directory and run it instead of the regular executable. Click here for the author's info. You may need the next file, too.
Refer to the X-COM Bug FAQ for problem solving. Email me if you have any further questions.

Sound Fix for Collector's Edition musfix.dll Fixes the "click-pause" error that many people experience with the collector's edition. 2k

8-in-1 Multilingual Patch (DOS)
8-in-1 Multilingual Patch (CE)
Multilanguage patch for TFTD. The languages choices, in addition to the core English, German, French, and Spanish, include Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and Italian. There are two different versions - one for the DOS edition of TFTD (tftd_dos_pl_cz_hu_it.zip) and another for the Collector's edition (tftd_xp_pl_cz_hu_it.zip). Details for how to use the patches can be found within the download archives in a file called x2multi.nfo. Patches compiled by Sakaali. 781k

Italian Language patch v1.1 x2italy.exe Changes French language button to Italian. 329k

ClarkWehyr Ent. X-COM Editor Suite v1.52 cwxce152.zip (Author's)
This is one of the best editors out there. It allows you to edit many aspects of  TFTD's saved games with an excellent GUI. 367k

Unofficial TFTD Strategy Guide tftdsg.txt This is a fairly comprehensive strategy guide by Kuo-Sheng (Kasey) Chang. 172k

Manual and Notebook x2manual.pdf
Terror From the Deep manual in Adobe Acrobat format, as well as the Notebook that came with the game. 2.8mb

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