X-COM: Apocalypse Download

The X-COM games are not available for download 
from my website. You can purchase the games online:
Valve's Steam $4.99
Direct2Drive $4.95
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For common Apocalypse bug fixes, click here.

Bug fixes for CD Version under Windows XP/2k xcom3fix.zip This file also requires some SVDM sound files. Click here for instructions for getting this program to make xcom3 (CD version) work under Win 2k/XP. 10k 

Bug fix for SVGA error x3svga.zip This program corrects the common SVGA error people get when trying to play xcom3 with newer video cards. 28k

Strategy Guide apocsg.txt Strategy guide by Roger Wong for xcom3. 100k

Game Manual x3manual.pdf Official game manual for Apocalypse, in Adobe Acrobat form. 826k

Download Pages:
Video Clips from the Playstation version of UFO Defense

Codes, cheats, and stories files.