X-COM: UFO Defense
(Enemy Unknown) Download

The X-COM games are not available for download 
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Pocket UFO for PocketPC pufo_126_cab.zip Pocket UFO was been in development by SMK Software for several years. It runs on the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile OS. I haven't tried the game myself since I only have PalmOS/Clie/WebOS devices and I haven't had much luck with emulators, but the game looks really cool and the random emails I get about it are very positive. Best of all, it's freeware! You can download it here because the developer's website has gone to the great beyond. 5mb

Pocket UFO for Windows pufo_126_pc.exe This is the Windows edition of the above game. If you don't have a PPC, download this if you want to see what you could potentially have in your pocket. 3.5mb

UFO: Enemy Unknown for Amiga UFOAmiga.zip UFO Defense for the Amiga. If you don't know what the Amiga is, don't download this :) 10.7mb

Video Bug Fix for Collector's Edition xcom_bugfix091.zip Corrects the "garbled graphics" video error in  the collector's edition on a Windows 98se, ME, 2000, or XP machine. Place the file in the game directory and run it instead of the regular executable. Click here for the author's info.

Refer to the X-COM Bug FAQ for problem solving.

Sound Fix for Collector's Edition. musfix.dll Fixes the "click-pause" error that many people experience with the collector's edition. You probably won't need this. 2k

UFO 2000
Multiplayer X-COM Remake
UFO 2000's Sourceforge Download Page This is a spectacular program that allows you to play the tactical battles of xcom1 in 640x480 resolution!! This is definitely awesome! It also allows you to play multiplayer via the internet, network, or hotseat game. Check this program out! 
Read this to make it work with the Collector's Edition.
This is the project's website: http://ufo2000.sourceforge.net/

Italian Language patch v1.0 x1italy.exe Changes French language button to Italian. 329k

Turbo turbo.zip The most effective CPU slower available. Specifically tailored to Win2k/XP's NTFS file system. Also works on other windows versions. Great windows-based program! 51k

ClarkWehyr Ent. X-COM Editor Suite v1.52 cwxce152.zip (Author's)
This has to be THE best editor out there. It allows you to edit many aspects of  X-COM: UFO and X-COM: TFTD saved games with an excellent user interface. 367k

X-COM Codes xcomcode.txt Use these codes to get past the copy protection in X-COM: UFO Defense v1.2. 800b

Un-official X-COM Strategy Guide usg.html This is the extensively long strategy guide compiled by Kuo-Sheng (Kasey) Chang. Beware that it is not 100% accurate. 161k

Patch for v1.0 to 1.2 xpatch12.zip Official Microprose patch. 1.37mb

Patch for v1.2 to 1.4 xpatch14.zip Official Microprose patch that removes several bugs from the floppy version of the game, 1.2, such as the replenishing clip bug. It removes copy protection from the game, but beware that the patch permamently damages the sound effects files. 1.37mb

UFOPaedia archive ufopaedia.exe This is an offline version of the UFOPaedia for quicker reference. It is a self-extractor that will unload all the html and jpeg files into a folder of your choice. It uses a web browser to display the content. It's basically identical to the online one. 5.2mb

Manual x1manual.pdf This is the entire X-COM 1 Game manual included in the box. It is in .pdf format, so you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view it. You can flip through all the pages, zoom in on pictures, print, and copy & paste text from it. 4.8mb

Additional Download Pages: Videos Video Clips from the Playstation version of UFO Defense
Miscellaneous Codes, cheats, and stories files.